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Aug-2005A new method for formulation of dynamic responses of shallow foundations in simple general formNogami, T. ; Mahbub, A.A.; Chen, S.H.
Sep-2003A radial boundary node method for two-dimensional elastic analysisXie, H.; Nogami, T. ; Wang, J. 
10-Sep-2004A weak coupling algorithm for seabed-wave interaction analysisWang, J.G. ; Nogami, T. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Lin, P.Z. 
Mar-2007An unequal-order radial interpolation meshless method for Biot's consolidation theoryWang, W.D.; Wang, J.G. ; Wang, Z.L.; Nogami, T. 
Dec-2002Analysis of transient response of saturated porous elastic soil under cyclic loading using element-free Galerkin methodKarim, M.R.; Nogami, T. ; Wang, J.G. 
28-Jun-2002Boundary differential equation method: Simplified dynamic soil stiffnesses for embedded rigid foundationsNogami, T. ; Chen, H.S.
Jan-2008Closure of "Laboratory study of liquefaction due to wave-seabed interaction" by B. Chowdhury, G. R. Dasari, and T. NogamiChowdhury, B.; Dasari, G.R. ; Nogami, T. 
Sep-2003Consolidation of clay with a system of vertical and horizontal drainsNogami, T. ; Li, M.
Jul-2002Consolidation of system of clay and thin sand layersNogami, T. ; Maoxin, L.
Aug-2003Dynamic soil stiffnesses at side of embedded structures with rectangular baseNogami, T. ; Chen, H.S.
Jul-2006Laboratory study of liquefaction due to wave-seabed interactionChoudhury, B.; Dasari, G.R. ; Nogami, T. 
Jun-2003Load-settlement analysis of geosynthetic-reinforced soil with a simplified modelNogami, T. ; Yong, T.Y.
Feb-2004Numerical method for consolidation analysis of lumpy clay fillings with meshless methodNogami, T. ; Wang, W.; Wang, J.G. 
Aug-2005PrefaceNogami, T. ; Anandarajah, A.R.; Elgamal, A.; Towhata, I.
6-Jul-2001Simple formulations of ground impedance functions for rigid surface foundationsNogami, T. ; Konagai, K.; Mikami, A.
Jan-2004Wave-induced seabed response analysis by radial point interpolation meshless methodWang, J.G. ; Zhang, B.; Nogami, T.