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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A D-shaped bileaflet bioprosthesis which replicates physiological left ventricular flow patternsTan S.G.-D.; Kim S. ; Hon J.K.F.; Leo H.L. 
Sep-2013A novel carotid covered stent design: In vitro evaluation of performance and influence on the blood flow regime at the carotid artery bifurcationKabinejadian, Foad; Cui, Fangsen; Zhang, Zhe; Ho, Pei; Leo, Hwa Liang 
Feb-2011A robust high-throughput sandwich cell-based drug screening platformZhang, S.; Tong, W.; Zheng, B.; Susanto, T.A.K.; Xia, L.; Zhang, C.; Ananthanarayanan, A.; Tuo, X. ; Sakban, R.B.; Jia, R.; Iliescu, C.; Chai, K.-H. ; McMillian, M.; Shen, S.; Leo, H. ; Yu, H. 
Jun-2013A thin-walled polydimethylsiloxane bioreactor for high-density hepatocyte sandwich cultureTan, G.-D.S.; Toh, G.W.; Birgersson, E. ; Robens, J. ; van Noort, D.; Leo, H.L. 
2015Alteration of blood flow in a venular network by infusion of dextran 500: Evaluation with a laser speckle contrast imaging systemNamgung B. ; Ng Y.C. ; Nam J. ; Leo H.L. ; Kim S. 
2014Computational fluid model incorporating liver metabolic activities in perfusion bioreactorHsu, M.N.; Tan, G.-D.S.; Tania, M.; Birgersson, E. ; Leo, H.L. 
Jul-2013Computational fluid modeling and performance analysis of a bidirectional rotating perfusion culture systemKang, C.-W.; Wang, Y.; Tania, M.; Zhou, H.; Gao, Y.; Ba, T.; Tan, G.-D.S.; Kim, S. ; Leo, H.L. 
2012Computational modeling of a novel mitral valve stentKumar, G.P.; Fangsen, C.; Danpinid, A.; Wei, C.Z.; Boyang, S.; Liang, L.H. ; Hon, J.K.F.
Sep-2010Current development of bioreactors for extracorporeal bioartificial liver(Review)Wang, Y.; Susando, T.; Lei, X.; Anene-Nzelu, C.; Zhou, H.; Liang, L.H. ; Yu, H. 
2013Design and finite element-based fatigue prediction of a new self-expandable percutaneous mitral valve stentPraveen Kumar, G.; Cui, F.; Danpinid, A.; Su, B.; Hon, J.K.F.; Leo, H.L. 
Jun-2013Effect of deformability difference between two erythrocytes on their aggregationJu, M.; Ye, S.S.; Low, H.T. ; Zhang, J.; Cabrales, P.; Leo, H.L. ; Kim, S. 
2015Effect of erythrocyte aggregation at pathological levels on NO/O2 transport in small arteriolesCho, Seung Kwan ; Namgung, Bumseok ; Kim, Han Sung; Leo, Hwa Liang ; Kim, Sangho 
2013Effects of stenosis on the porcine left anterior descending arterial treeZhong, L.; Su, B.; Zhang, J.-M.; Huo, Y.; Leo, H.L. ; Kassab, G.S.; Tan, R.S.
Mar-2012Experimentally Validated Hemodynamics Simulations of Mechanical Heart Valves in Three DimensionsNguyen, V.-T.; Kuan, Y.H.; Chen, P.-Y.; Ge, L.; Sotiropoulos, F.; Yoganathan, A.P.; Leo, H.L. 
2013FSI modeling of prosthetic mitral valve dynamics and left ventricular flow during diastoleBoyang, S.; Liang, Z.; Fangsen, C.; Praveen, K.G.; Qun, P.H.; Jimmy, H.K.F.; Liang, L.H. 
2013FSI simulation of intra-ventricular flow in patient-specific ventricular model with both mitral and aortic valvesZhong, L.; Su, B.; Zhang, J.-M.; Leo, H.L. ; Tan, R.S.
2013Gratings on a dish: A scalable cell alignment substrate on optical mediaAnene-Nzelu, C.G.; Choudhury, D.; Li, H.; Toh, Y.-C.; Ng, G.S.H.; Liang, L.H. ; Yu, H. 
2011Hemodynamic investigation of a stentless molded pericardial aortic valveLeo, H.L. ; Lim, W.Q.M.; Xiong, F.L.; Yeo, J.H.
2016Hemodynamic Study of Flow Remodeling Stent Graft for the Treatment of Highly Angulated Abdominal Aortic AneurysmYeow S.L. ; Leo H.L. 
Nov-2012Hepatocyte function within a stacked double sandwich culture plate cylindrical bioreactor for bioartificial liver systemXia, L.; Arooz, T.; Zhang, S.; Tuo, X.; Xiao, G.; Susanto, T.A.K.; Sundararajan, J.; Cheng, T.; Kang, Y.; Poh, H.J.; Leo, H.L. ; Yu, H.