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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2014A 27-year-old man with hand numbness: Exploring new horizons and reinventing the past Joy Vijayan1Chuen, C.Y.; Punzalan, A.M.; Wilder-Smith, E. 
2006A blessing in disguise: Resolution of Tardive dyskinesia with development of cervical myelitisLim, E.C.-H. ; Wider-Smith, E.P.V. ; Seet, R.C.-S. 
2007A feature selection method for multilevel mental fatigue EEG classificationShen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.-J. ; Hui, Z.; Li, X.-P. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
2007A novel methodology to probe endothelial differential gene expression profile reveals ovel genesShen, Y.; Yu, E.; Wong, M.C.; Spence, I.; Wilder-Smith, E. ; Ng, Y.K. ; Ling, E.A. 
29-Jun-2007A static handgrip method for distal quantitative sweat measurementsWang, Q.; Aravinda, K.T.; Lim, E.C. ; Chan, Y.H.; Deng, C.; Huang, X.-F.; Wilder-Smith, E.P. 
May-2006A unique case of reversible hyperglycemic Holmes' tremorTan, J.-H.; Chan, B.P.-L.; Wilder-Smith, E.P. ; Ong, B.K.C. 
2004Acute ophthalmoplegia with pupillary areflexia associated with anti-GQ1b antibodyChan, Y.C.; Wilder-Smith, E. ; Chee, M.W.L.
Mar-2006Acute transverse myelitis following dengue virus infectionSeet, R.C.S. ; Lim, E.C.H. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
2002Adult community acquired bacterial meningitis in a Singaporean teaching hospital. A seven-year overview (1993-2000)Chan, Y.C.; Ong, B.K.C. ; Wilder-Smith, E. ; Wilder-Smith, A. ; Kumarasinghe, G.
2005Adult-onset re-emergent stuttering as a presentation of Parkinson's diseaseLim, E.C.H. ; Wilder-Smith, E. ; Ong, B.K.C. ; Seet, R.C.S. 
2005An auditory vigilance task for mental fatigue detectionPang, Y.Y.; Li, X.P. ; Shen, K.Q.; Zheng, H. ; Zhou, W.; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
Nov-2013Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms is due to vasoconstriction of palmar skin vasculatureWilder-Smith, E.P. 
2009Automatic EEG artifact removal: A weighted support vector machine approach with error correctionShao, S.-Y.; Shen, K.-Q. ; Ong, C.J. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. ; Li, X.-P. 
2006Bickerstaff's brainstem encephalitis: Can it recur?Sharma, V.; Chan, Y.C.; Ong; Teoh, H.L.; Wilder-Smith, E.P. 
2007Can studies of the second lumbrical interossei and its premotor potential reduce the number of tests for carpal tunnel syndrome?Therimadasamy, A.K.; Li, E.; Wilder-Smith, E.P. 
2009Can SVM be used for automatic EEG detection of drowsiness during car driving?Yeo, M.V.M.; Li, X. ; Shen, K. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V. 
2004Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) in a Chinese family: Clinical, radiological and skin biopsy featuresWilder-Smith, E. ; Shen, Y.; Yu, G.X.; Wong, M.C.; Ng, Y.K. ; Chew, N.K.; Tan, C.T.
2014Clinical reasoning: a 27-year-old man with hand numbness: exploring new horizons and reinventing the past.Vijayan, J.; Chuen, C.Y.; Punzalan, A.M.; Wilder-Smith, E. 
2009Clinical reasoning: A 54-year-old woman with hand dysesthesia: Many dimensions to a common problemVijayan, J.; Esther, S.t. N.; Therimadasamy, A.K.; Lau, T. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P. 
2011Combination of ultrasound and nerve conduction studies in the diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndromeTherimadasamy A.K.; Seet R.C. ; Kagda Y.H.; Wilder-Smith E.P.