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May-2007A tactical planning model for liner shipping companies : managing container flow and ship deployment jointlyYE HENGQING ; Yuan, Xue-Ming ; Liu, Xinxin
2005Analysis of a software focused products and service supply chainChou, M. ; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
2007Analysis of a software focused supply chain in photo development marketChan, Y.; Chen, X.; Chou, M. ; Goh, B.H.; Haw, C.S.; Koh, S.; Lee, H.K.; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
2006Analysis of a software-focused products and service supply chainChou, M.C. ; Ye, H. ; Yuan, X.-M.; Cheng, Y.N.; Chua, L.; Guam, Y.; Lee, S.E.; Tay, Y.C.
2006Asymptotic optimality of the max-min fair allocationYe, H.-Q. ; Yao, D.D.
2005Cargo mix and shipment planning problem with uncertaintyCao, C. ; Ang, J.S.K. ; Ye, H. 
2007Currency arbitrage detection using a binary integer programming modelSoon, W.; Ye, H.-Q. 
Apr-2007E-booking control problem in sea cargo logisticsAng, SKJ ; Cao, CX ; Heng-Qing, Ye 
2007e-Business strategies for software focused supply chain managementCao, C. ; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
2001Existence condition for the diffusion approximations of multiclass priority queueing networksChen, H.; Ye, H.Q. 
2008Heavy-traffic optimality of a stochastic network under utility-maximizing resource allocationYe, H.-Q. ; Yao, D.D.
2007Key issues of a software focused supply chainCao, C. ; Cecilia, S.; Chia, H.; Chou, M.C. ; Tan, C.; Teh, M.T.; Sim, S.M.; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
2007Model and algorithms for multi-period sea cargo mix problemAng, J.S.K. ; Cao, C. ; Ye, H.-Q. 
Apr-2006Optimal control of parallel make-to-stock queues in an assembly systemOu, Jihong ; Heng-Qing Ye ; Ning, Weiyi
2002Piecewise linear Lyapunov function for the stability of multiclass priority fluid networksChen, H.; Ye, H.Q. 
2003Stability of data networks under an optimization-based bandwidth allocationYe, H.-Q. 
2005Stability of data networks: Stationary and bursty modelsYe, H.-Q. ; Ou, J. ; Yuan, X.-M.
Apr-2007The operational level service route planning problem in container shipping industryAng, James SK. ; Cao, Chengxuan ; Ye, Heng-Qing 
2007TVM telecommunication and TV mobileCao, C. ; Chou, M.C. ; Goh, C.L.; Tan, S.Q.; Thye, W.L.; Toh, E.Y.; Wong, H.M.; Ye, H.Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.