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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An embedded P2P-based positional audio system in virtual environmentsSeo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Htoon, M.M. ; Wang, C.-D.
2012An experimental study of video uploading from mobile devices with HTTP streamingSeo, B. ; Cui, W.; Zimmermann, R. 
2012Automatic positioning data correction for sensor-annotated mobile videosWang, G.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
2014Dynamic scheduling on video transcoding for MPEG DASH in the cloud environmentMa, H.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
10-Apr-2010HD Video Remote Collaboration ApplicationSeo, B. ; Liu, X.; Zimmermann, R. 
2013IDM: An indirect dissemination mechanism for spatial voice interaction in networked virtual environmentsLiang, K.; Seo, B. ; Kryczka, A.; Zimmermann, R. 
2011Keyframe presentation for browsing of user-generated videos on map interfacesHao, J.; Wang, G.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
2012Motch: An automatic motion type characterization system for sensor-rich videosWang, G.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
2012Multi-video summary and skim generation of sensor-rich videos in geo-spaceZhang, Y.; Wang, G.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
2013OSCOR: An orientation sensor data correction system for mobile generated contentsWang, G.; Seo, B. ; Yin, Y.; Zimmermann, R. ; Shen, Z.
2012Quantitative analysis of visibility determinations for networked virtual environmentsSeo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
2012Sensor-assisted camera motion analysis and motion estimation improvement for H.264/AVC video encodingWang, G.; Ma, H.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
2011Sensor-rich video exploration on a map interfaceSeo, B. ; Hao, J.; Wang, G.
2010Spatializer: A web-based positional audio toolkitSeo, B. ; Htoon, M.M. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Wang, C.-D.