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23-Oct-2009Anisotropic optical spin Hall effect in semiconductor microcavitiesAmo, A.; Liew, T.C.H. ; Adrados, C.; Giacobino, E.; Kavokin, A.V.; Bramati, A.
14-Dec-2009Device-independent state estimation based on Bell's inequalitiesBardyn, C.-E.; Liew, T.C.H. ; Massar, S.; McKague, M.; Scarani, V. 
31-Oct-2008Generation and dynamics of vortex lattices in coherent exciton-polariton fieldsLiew, T.C.H. ; Rubo, Y.G.; Kavokin, A.V.
7-Apr-2009Interfacing light and single atoms with a lensTey, M.K. ; Maslennikov, G. ; Liew, T.C.H. ; Aljunid, S.A. ; Huber, F.; Chng, B. ; Chen, Z.; Scarani, V. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
10-Nov-2009Interplay between superfluidity and magnetic self-trapping of exciton polaritonsShelykh, I.A.; Liew, T.C.H. ; Kavokin, A.V.
3-Mar-2009Interplay between weak localization of exciton-polaritons and the optical spin Hall effectLiew, T.C.H. ; Leyder, C.; Kavokin, A.V.; Amo, A.; Lefrère, J.; Giacobino, E.; Bramati, A.
7-Oct-2009Phase shift of a weak coherent beam induced by a single atomAljunid, S.A. ; Tey, M.K. ; Chng, B. ; Liew, T. ; Maslennikov, G. ; Scarani, V. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
2010Polariton polarization-sensitive phenomena in planar semiconductor microcavitiesShelykh, I.A.; Kavokin, A.V.; Rubo, Y.G.; Liew, T.C.H. ; Malpuech, G.
14-Oct-2009Polarization phenomena in resonantly pumped disordered semiconductor microcavitiesLiew, T.C.H. ; Shelykh, I.A.
1-May-2009Signature of the microcavity exciton-polariton relaxation mechanism in the polarization of emitted lightRoumpos, G.; Lai, C.-W.; Liew, T.C.H. ; Rubo, Y.G.; Kavokin, A.V.; Yamamoto, Y.
11-Nov-2009Stochastic polarization formation in exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensatesRead, D.; Liew, T.C.H. ; Rubo, Y.G.; Kavokin, A.V.