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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A non mouse-adapted dengue virus strain as a new model of severe dengue infection in AG129 miceTan, G.K. ; Ng, J.K.W.; Alonso, S. ; Trasti, S.L.; Schul, W.; Yip, G. 
2009Cell cycle arrest induced by hydrogen peroxide is associated with modulation of oxidative stress related genes in breast cancer cellsChua, P.-J. ; Yip, G.W.-C.. ; Bay, B.-H. 
1-Apr-2008Changes in heparan sulfate are associated with delayed wound repair, altered cell migration, adhesion and contractility in the galactosyltransferase I (β4GalT-7) deficient form of Ehlers-Danlos syndromeGötte, M.; Spillmann, D.; Yip, G.W. ; Versteeg, E.; Echtermeyer, F.G.; Van kuppevelt, T.H.; Kiesel, L.
2004Chondroitin sulfate in palatal wound healingZou, X.H.; Foong, W.C. ; Cao, T. ; Bay, B.H. ; Yip, G.W. ; Ouyang, H.W. 
2005Cytokeratins in papillary lesions of the breast: Is there a role in distinguishing intraductal papilloma from papillary ductal carcinoma in situ?Tan, P.H. ; Sii, L.H.; Murugaya, S.; Aw, M.Y.; Yip, G. ; Bay, B.H. ; Tse, G.M.
Jul-2006Defective glycosylation of decorin and biglycan, altered collagen structure, and abnormal phenotype of the skin fibroblasts of an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient carrying the novel Arg270Cys substitution in galactosyltransferase I (β4GalT-7)Seidler, D.G.; Faiyaz-Ul-Haque, M.; Hansen, U.; Yip, G.W. ; Zaidi, S.H.E.; Teebi, A.S.; Kiesel, L.; Götte, M.
2009Differential roles for membrane-bound and soluble syndecan-1 (CD138) in breast cancer progressionNikolova, V.; Koo, C.-Y. ; Ibrahim, S.A.; Wang, Z.; Spillmann, D.; Dreier, R.; Kelsch, R.; Fischgräbe, J.; Smollich, M.; Rossi, L.H.; Sibrowski, W.; Wülfing, P.; Kiesel, L.; Yip, G.W. ; Götte, M.
2005Distinct roles of oxidative stress and antioxidants in the nucleus dorsalis and red nucleus following spinal cord hemisectionXu, M.; Yip, G.W.-C. ; Gan, L.-T.; Ng, Y.-K. 
2015Divergent Synthesis of Chondroitin Sulfate Disaccharides and Identification of Sulfate Motifs that Inhibit Triple Negative Breast CancerPoh, Z.W ; Gan, C.H ; Lee, E.J ; Guo, S ; Yip, G.W ; Lam, Y 
1998Effect of Intraperitoneal Administration of Zinc on C57/6J Mouse Liver-A Light Microscopic StudyBay, B.H. ; Wang, M.C.W.; Yip, G.W.C. 
1-Jul-2007Endothelin receptor type B counteracts tenascin-C-induced endothelin receptor type A-dependent focal adhesion and actin stress fiber disorganizationLange, K.; Kammerer, M.; Hegi, M.E.; Grotegut, S.; Dittmann, A.; Huang, W.; Fluri, E.; Yip, G.W. ; Götte, M.; Ruiz, C.; Orend, G.
2009Expression of syndecan-2 in the amoeboid microglial cells and its involvement in inflammation in the hypoxic developing brainKaur, C. ; Sivakumar, V. ; Yip, G.W.. ; Ling, E.A. 
2009Function of sirtuins in biological tissuesShoba, B.; Lwin, Z.M. ; Ling, L.S. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Yip, G.W. ; Kumar, S.D. 
2008Heat shock proteins and neurodegenerative disordersSoo, E.T.-L.; Ng, Y.-K. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Yip, G.W.-C. 
2008Heat shock proteins as novel therapeutic targets in cancerSoo, E.T.L.; Yip, G.W.C. ; Lwin, Z.M. ; Kumar, S.D. ; Bay, B.-H. 
1-Nov-2006Heparanase, hyaluronan, and CD44 in cancers: A breast carcinoma perspectiveGötte, M.; Yip, G.W. 
Mar-2005Immunohistochemical detection of Ki67 in breast cancer correlates with transcriptional regulation of genes related to apoptosis and cell deathTan, P.-H. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Yip, G. ; Selvarajan, S.; Tan, P.; Wu, J.; Lee, C.-H.; Li, K.-B.
21-Oct-2006Immunohistochemical expression of heparan sulfate correlates with stromal cell proliferation in breast phyllodes tumorsKoo, C.-Y.; Bay, B.-H. ; Lui, P.C.-W.; Tse, G.M.-K.; Tan, P.-H. ; Yip, G.W.-C. 
2001Lumbrical muscle with an additional origin in the forearmSingh, G. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Yip, G.W.C. ; Tay, S. 
2011Mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene in triple negative breast cancer: Possible implications for targeted therapyTeng, Y.H.-F; Tan, W.-J; Thike, A.-A; Cheok, P.-Y; Tse, G.M.-K; Wong, N.-S; Yip, G.W.-C ; Bay, B.-H ; Tan, P.-H