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2003A Comparative Analysis of the Telecommunications Sector Liberalization in the Philippines and SingaporeSanchez, M.R. ; Lim, M.-A.
2009A multinational study on online privacy: Global concerns and local responsesCho, H. ; Rivera-Sanchez, M. ; Lim, S.S. 
2004Consumers’ Online Privacy ConcernsRivera, Milagros ; Cho, Hichang ; Lim, Sun Sun 
2006E-government in a corporatist, communitarian society: The case of SingaporeSriramesh, K.; Rivera-Sanchez, M. 
2007Exploring the Relationship of Online Privacy, Government Surveillance and National ID Cards: A Multi-country StudyLim, Sun Sun ; Cho, Hichang ; Rivera, Milagros 
2008ICTs and development: Revisiting the asian experienceSreekumar, T.T. ; Rivera-Sanchez, M. 
Jul-2013Making Sense of Life's Transitions: Mobile Phones and the Creation of Alternative Spaces by South African YouthsRivera-Sánchez, M. ; Walton, M.
2009Online privacy, government surveillance and national ID cardsLim, S.S. ; Cho, H. ; Sanchez, M.R. 
2004Online Privacy: Consumers’ Concerns and Policy Implications for E-commerceRivera, Milagros ; Cho, Hichang ; Lim, Sun Sun 
Apr-2012Testing the information technology continuance model on a mandatory sms-based student response systemLin, J. ; Rivera-Sánchez, M. 
May-2013Websites for stakeholder relations by corporations and non-profits: A time-lag study in SingaporeSriramesh, K.; Rivera-Sánchez, M. ; Soriano, C.