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28-Oct-2011Comparison of the efficiency of antibody selection from semi-synthetic scFv and non-immune Fab phage display libraries against protein targets for rapid development of diagnostic immunoassaysChan, C.E.Z.; Chan, A.H.Y.; Lim, A.P.C.; Hanson, B.J. 
22-May-2013Dengue Virus Neutralization in Cells Expressing Fc Gamma ReceptorsChawla, T. ; Chan, K.R.; Zhang, S.L.; Tan, H.C. ; Lim, A.P.C.; Hanson, B.J. ; Ooi, E.E. 
2013Enhanced Neutralizing Antibody Titers and Th1 Polarization from a Novel Escherichia coli Derived Pandemic Influenza VaccineSkibinski D.A.G.; Hanson B.J. ; Lin Y.; von Messling V.; Jegerlehner A.; Tee J.B.S.; Chye D.H.; Wong S.K.K.; Ng A.A.P.; Lee H.Y.; Au B.; Lee B.T.K.; Santoso L.; Poidinger M. ; Fairhurst A.-M.; Matter A. ; Bachmann M.F.; Saudan P.; Connolly J.E.
2008Epitope characterization of the protective monoclonal antibody VN4-2 shows broadly neutralizing activity against highly pathogenic H5N1Lim A.P.C. ; Wong S.K.K.; Chan A.H.Y.; Chan C.E.Z. ; Ooi E.E. ; Hanson B.J. 
2008Neutralizing human monoclonal antibody against H5N1 influenza HA selected from a Fab-phage display libraryLim A.P.C. ; Chan C.E.Z. ; Wong S.K.K.; Chan A.H.Y.; Ooi E.E. ; Hanson B.J. 
2006Passive immunoprophylaxis and therapy with humanized monoclonal antibody specific for influenza A H5 hemagglutinin in miceHanson B.J. ; Boon A.C.M.; Lim A.P.C. ; Webb A.; Ooi E.E. ; Webby R.J.