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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Akusesu' to 'esutetikkusu': rediizu komikku ni okeru josei no yokub? to shikakuteki kairakuShamoon D. 
2011Casshern and the spectre of Japan's war crimes in AsiaShamoon D. 
2011Films on Paper: Cinematic Narrative in GekigaShamoon D. 
2018Fire!: Mizuno Hideko and the development of 1960s shojo mangaShamoon D. 
2003Focalization and Narrative Voice in the Novels and Comics of Uchida ShungikuShamoon D. 
2010Humanity Grows Up: Lacan and the Science Fiction Manga To TerraShamoon D. 
2013Introduction to the Special CollectionShamoon D. 
2015Japanese masquerade in bean cake and 'the red bridal'Shamoon D. 
2009Misora hibari and the girl star in postwar Japanese cinemaShamoon D. 
2004Office sluts and rebel flowers: The pleasures of japanese pornographic comics for womenShamoon D. 
2012Passionate friendship: The aesthetics of girls' culture in JapanShamoon D. 
Jan-2014Recreating traditional music in postwar Japan: a prehistory of enkaShamoon, D. 
2007Revolutionary romance: "The rose of Versailles" and the transformation of Shojo mangaShamoon D. 
2008Situating the Shojo in Shojo Mango: Teenage Girls, Romance Comics, and Contemporary Japanese CultureShamoon D. 
2002Sun Tribe: Cultural Production and Popular Culture in Post-War JapanSHAMOON,DEBORAH MICHELLE 
2016Teaching japanese popular cultureEditor Shamoon, D. ; Editor, McMorran, C. 
2010Teaching japanese popular cultureShamoon D. 
2018The Beautiful Men of the Inner Chamber: Gender-Bending, Boys' Love and Other Shojo Manga Tropes in OokuShamoon D. 
Sep-2012The modern girl and the vamp: Hollywood film in Tanizaki Jun'ichirô's early novelsShamoon, D. 
2015The superflat space of Japanese animeShamoon D.