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Apr-20122′-O methylation of internal adenosine by flavivirus NS5 methyltransferaseDong, H.; Chang, D.C.; Hua, M.H.C.; Lim, S.P.; Chionh, Y.H.; Hia, F.; Lee, Y.H.; Kukkaro, P. ; Lok, S.-M. ; Dedon, P.C.; Shi, P.-Y.
2-Apr-2013Atomic structure of the 75 MDa extremophile Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus determined by CryoEM and X-ray crystallographyVeesler, D.; Ng, T.-S. ; Sendamarai, A.K.; Eilers, B.J.; Lawrence, C.M.; Lok, S.-M. ; Young, M.J.; Johnson, J.E.; Fu, C.-Y.
4-Feb-2014Human antibodies stop dengue virus by jamming its mechanicsLok, S.-M. 
Jul-2013Immature and mature dengue serotype 1 virus structures provide insight into the maturation processKostyuchenko, V.A. ; Zhang, Q. ; Tan, J.L. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Lok, S.-M. 
Jan-2014Near-atomic resolution cryo-electron microscopic structure of dengue serotype 4 virusKostyuchenko, V.A. ; Chew, P.L. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Lok, S.-M. 
Sep-2012Resistance analysis of an antibody that selectively inhibits dengue virus serotype-1Zou, G.; Kukkaro, P. ; Lok, S.-M. ; Ng, J.K.W.; Tan, G.K. ; Hanson, B.J.; Alonso, S. ; MacAry, P.A.; Shi, P.-Y.
Jul-2013Structural changes in dengue virus when exposed to a temperature of 37°CFibriansah, G. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Lee, J. ; Lee, S.; Wang, J.; Lok, S.-M. 
2010Structural optimization and de novo design of dengue virus entry inhibitory peptidesCostin J.M.; Jenwitheesuk E.; Lok S.-M. ; Hunsperger E.; Conrads K.A.; Fontaine K.A.; Rees C.R.; Rossmann M.G.; Isern S.; Samudrala R.; Michael S.F.