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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010A non-distiLIability criterion for secret correlationsMasanes, L.; Winter, A. 
2008A resource framework for quantum Shannon theoryDevetak, I.; Harrow, A.W.; Winter, A.J. 
3-Jun-2011All nonclassical correlations can be activated into distillable entanglementPiani, M.; Gharibian, S.; Adesso, G.; Calsamiglia, J.; Horodecki, P.; Winter, A. 
11-May-2009Are random pure states useful for quantum computation?Bremner, M.J.; Mora, C.; Winter, A. 
Nov-2008Counterexamples to additivity of minimum output p-rényi entropy for p close to 0Cubitt, T.; Harrow, A.W.; Leung, D.; Montanaro, A.; Winter, A. 
Nov-2008Counterexamples to the maximal p-norm multiplicativity conjecture for all p > 1Hayden, P.; Winter, A. 
Aug-2009Distinguishability of quantum states under restricted families of measurements with an application to quantum data hidingMatthews, W.; Wehner, S.; Winter, A. 
Oct-2013Distinguishing Multi-Partite States by Local MeasurementsLancien, C.; Winter, A. 
1-Mar-2008Entanglement and separability of quantum harmonic oscillator systems at finite temperatureAnders, J.; Winter, A. 
Apr-2012Entanglement of the Antisymmetric StateChristandl, M.; Schuch, N.; Winter, A. 
2010Entropic uncertainty relations-a surveyWehner, S. ; Winter, A. 
2008Higher entropic uncertainty relations for anti-commuting observablesWehner, S.; Winter, A. 
17-Jun-2010Highly entangled states with almost no secrecyChristandl, M.; Schuch, N.; Winter, A. 
Jan-2012How many copies are needed for state discrimination?Harrow, A.W.; Winter, A. 
23-Feb-2012"Hyperbits": The information quasiparticlesPawłowski, M.; Winter, A. 
2013Identification via quantum channelsWinter, A. 
8-Jun-2010Improving zero-error classical communication with entanglementCubitt, T.S.; Leung, D.; Matthews, W.; Winter, A. 
2012Infinitely many constrained inequalities for the von neumann entropyCadney, J.; Linden, N.; Winter, A. 
22-Oct-2009Information causality as a physical principlePawłowski, M.; Paterek, T. ; Kaszlikowski, D. ; Scarani, V. ; Winter, A. ; Zukowski, M.
2009Nonmalleable encryption of quantum informationAmbainis, A.; Bouda, J.; Winter, A.