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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Articulated registration of 3D human geometry to X-ray imageLe, S.N. ; Karlekar, J. ; Fang, A.C. 
2009Estimation of body segment parameters using dual energy absorptiometry and 3-D exterior geometryLee, M.K.; Koh, M.; Fang, A.C. ; Le, S.N.; Balasekaran, G.
1995Interactive surface rendering for medical visualizationFang, Anthony ; Sung, Kelvin ; Heng, Pheng-Ann 
2009Measurement of body segment parameters using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and three-dimensional geometry: An application in gait analysisLee, M.K.; Le, N.S. ; Fang, A.C. ; Koh, M.T.H.
2009Non-linear Image-Based Regression of Body Segment ParametersLe, N.S. ; Lee, M.K.; Fang, A.C. 
1995Schaltenbrand-Wahren/Talairach-Tournoux brain atlas registrationNowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Fang, Anthony ; Nguyen, Bonnie T. 
1995Three-dimensional Talairach-Tournoux brain atlasFang, Anthony ; Nowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Nguyen, Bonnie T. ; Bryan, R.Nick M.D.
2008Tracking of articulated pose and motion with a markerized grid suitKarlekar, J. ; Le, S.N. ; Fang, A.C. 
2009Two-level regression of body mass distribution from X-ray image databaseLe, S.N. ; Lee, M.K.; Fang, A.C. 
2010Underwater swimmer segmentationKarlekar, J. ; Fang, A. 
2007Visualization and simulation of near-body hydrodynamics using the semi-lagrangian fluid simulation methodTruong, D.-T.; Chow, Y.-Y.; Fang, A.C. 
2008Volumetric reconstruction from multi-energy single-view radiographyLe, S.N. ; Mei, K.L.; Banu, S. ; Fang, A.C.