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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006“05-06”西江特大洪水对河流碳输出通量的影响孙会国; 汉景泰; 张淑荣; 吕喜玺 
2007A global comparative analysis of urban form: Applying spatial metrics and remote sensingHuang, J.; Lu, X.X. ; Sellers, J.M.
2016A modelling approach to determine systematic nitrogen transformations in a tropical reservoirHan H.J. ; Los F.J.; Burger D.F.; Lu X.X. 
2008A preliminary estimate of human and natural contributions to the decline in sediment flux from the Yangtze River to the East China SeaDai, S.B.; Yang, S.L.; Dai, S.B.; Cai, A.M.; Lu, X.X. 
2008A preliminary estimate of organic carbon transport by the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) and Thanlwin (Salween) Rivers of MyanmarBird, M.I.; Robinson, R.A.J.; Win, Oo N.; Sandar, Aye K.; Mi, Mi Win K.; Maung, Aye M.; Lhaing, Win S.; Lu, X.X. ; Higgitt, D.L. ; Swe, A.; Tun, T.; Hoey, T.B.
Apr-2012A preliminary study on the carbon weathering in Longchuan RiverHe, M.; Zhou, Y.; Ding, W.; Lü, X. 
2009A quantitative assessment of human impacts on decrease in sediment flux from major Chinese rivers entering the western Pacific OceanChu, Z.X.; Zhai, S.K.; Lu, X.X. ; Liu, J.P.; Xu, J.X.; Xu, K.H.
2009A quantitative assessment of human impacts on decrease in sediment flux from major Chinese rivers entering the western Pacific OceanChu Z.X.; Zhai S.K.; Lu X.X. ; Liu J.P.; Xu J.X. ; Xu K.H.
15-May-2012Abrupt changes in the discharge and sediment load of the Pearl River, ChinaZhang, Q.; Xu, C.-Y.; Chen, X.; Lu, X. 
30-Mar-2007Acoustic Doppler current profiler surveys along the Yangtze RiverChen, Z.; Chen, D.; Xu, K.; Zhao, Y.; Wei, T.; Chen, J.; Li, L. ; Watanabe, M.
2010An assessment of the riverine carbon flux of the Xijiang River during the past 50 yearsSun, H.G.; Han, J.; Li, D.; Sun, H.G.; Lu, X.X. ; Zhang, S.R. 
2005Anthropogenic impacts on sediment discharge in the dry-hot valleys of SW China - The example of LongchuanjiangLu, X.X. ; Zhu, Y.M.; Zhou, Y.
2004Anthropogenic impacts on the sediment flux in the dry-hot valleys of southwest China�an example of the longchuan riverZhou, Y.; Lu, XX ; Huang, Y; Zhu, Y.M.
2004Application of remote sensing in flood management with special reference to monsoon Asia: A reviewSanyal, J.; Lu, X.X. 
2011Applications Of Alos Palsar Data For Mangrove Monitoring And Mapping: Examples From Mexico & AfricaXiXi Lu ; John M. Kovacs; Chunhua Zhang; Patrick LaFrance; Francisco Flores de Santiago
2013Applications of ALOS PALSAR for monitoring biophysical parameters of a degraded black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) forestKovacs J.M.; Lu X.X. ; Flores-Verdugo F.; Zhang C.; Flores de Santiago F.; Jiao X.
2008Are the Chinese dams to be blamed for the lower water levels in the lower mekong?Lu X. ; Wang J.J.; Carl Grundy-Warr 
2007Assessing forest change associated with sediment modifications for large tropical estuaries using ALOS PALSAR dataJohn M. Kovacs; X.X. Lu 
2014Attribution of climate change, vegetation restoration, and engineering measures to the reduction of suspended sediment in the Kejie catchment, southwest ChinaMa X.; Lu X.X. ; Van Noordwijk M.; Li J.T.; Xu J.C.
2010Basin-wide sediment trapping efficiency of emerging reservoirs along the MekongKummu, M.; Varis, O.; Lu, X.X. ; Wang, J.J.