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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2010A system dynamics analysis determining willingness to wait and pay for the implementation of data standards in clinical researchCofiel, L.; Zammar, G.R.; Zaveri, A.J.; Shah, J.Y. ; Carvalho, E.; Nahm, M.; Kesselring, G.; Pietrobon, R.
Dec-2010Achieving high research reporting quality through the use of computational ontologiesZaveri, A.; Cofiel, L.; Shah, J. ; Pradhan, S. ; Chan, E.; Dameron, O.; Pietrobon, R. ; Ang, B.T.
19-Feb-2010Application description and policy model in collaborative environment for sharing of information on epidemiological and clinical research data setsDe Carvalho, E.C.A.; Batilana, A.P.; Simkins, J.; Martins, H.; Shah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Shah, A.; Rockart, S.; Pietrobon, R. 
2010Certificate course in outcomes researchRajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Tay, S.K.; Ostbye, T.; Eisenstein, E.L.; Krishnan, R.; Pietrobon, R.
2010Clinical Reasoning in the Real World Is Mediated by Bounded Rationality: Implications for Diagnostic Clinical Practice GuidelinesBonilauri Ferreira, A.P.R.; Ferreira, R.F.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Menezes, A.; Pietrobon, R. 
2010Computational ontologies in orthopaedic surgeryPietrobon, R.; Zaveri, A.; Cofiel, L.; Barros, J.; Shah, J. 
Nov-2010Cost and outcomes after cold and mixed adenotonsillectomy in childrenFerreira, R.F.; Serapiao, C.J.; Ferreira, A.P.R.B.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Possamai, D.S.; Pietrobon, R. 
May-2012Do insurance and race represent independent predictors of undergoing total shoulder arthroplasty? A secondary data analysis of 3529 patientsVegini, J.B.; Steglich, V.; Bonilauri Ferreira, A.P.R.; Gandhi, M.; Shah, J. ; Pietrobon, R. 
2010Electronic data capture for registries and clinical trials in orthopaedic surgery: Open source versus commercial systemsShah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Pradhan, S. ; McCready, M.; Zaveri, A.; Pietrobon, R.
2012Global research coaching in orthopedic surgery: Seeding for an international networkFerreira, A.P.B.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.
Jul-2012Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in necrotising soft tissue infections: A study of patients in the United States Nationwide Inpatient SampleSoh, C.R.; Pietrobon, R. ; Freiberger, J.J.; Chew, S.T.; Rajgor, D.; Gandhi, M.; Shah, J. ; Moon, R.E.
Jan-2010In replyShah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Pietrobon, R. 
2011Patterns of herbal combination for the treatment of insomnia commonly employed by highly experienced Chinese medicine physiciansZhou, X.-Z.; Zhang, R.-S.; Jatin, S. ; Dimple, R.; Wang, Y.-H.; Ricardo, P. ; Liu, B.-Y.; Chen, J.; Zhu, J.-G.; Gao, R.-L.
24-Feb-2010Qualitative analysis of the interdisciplinary interaction between data analysis specialists and novice clinical researchersZammar, G.R.; Shah, J. ; Ferreira, A.P.B.; Cofiel, L.; Lyles, K.W.; Pietrobon, R. 
Apr-2009Scientific writing of novice researchers: What difficulties and encouragements do they encounter?Shah, J. ; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.
2010Selection mechanisms underlying high impact biomedical research - a qualitative analysis and causal modelZelko, H.; Zammar, G.R.; Bonilauri Ferreira, A.P.; Phadtare, A.; Shah, J. ; Pietrobon, R. 
Oct-2011Short-term outcomes of lung transplant in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisTeo, A.Tk.; Pietrobon, R. ; Atashili, J.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Martins, H.
2010So different, yet so similar: Meta-analysis and policy modeling of willingness to participate in clinical trials among Brazilians and IndiansZammar, G.; Meister, H.; Shah, J. ; Phadtare, A.; Cofiel, L.; Pietrobon, R. 
2010Standardizing clinical trials workflow representation in UML for international site comparisonde Carvalho, E.C.A.; Jayanti, M.K.; Batilana, A.P.; Kozan, A.M.O.; Rodrigues, M.J.; Shah, J. ; Loures, M.R.; Patil, S.; Payne, P.; Pietrobon, R. 
2010What leads indians to participate in clinical trials? A meta-analysis of qualitative studiesShah, J.Y. ; Phadtare, A.; Rajgor, D.; Vaghasia, M.; Pradhan, S. ; Zelko, H.; Pietrobon, R.