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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2003A hybrid computational strategy for identification of structural parametersKoh, C.G. ; Chen, Y.F.; Liaw, C.-Y. 
8-Jul-1999A systematic approach to noise reduction in chaotic hydrological time seriesSivakumar, B.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Liong, S.-Y. ; Liaw, C.-Y. 
10-Nov-2005Accessibility of compact structures and prion-like protein folding propertyChen, H. ; Chan, G.K. ; Chih, Y.L. ; Zhou, X.
1-Aug-1998Applying Chaos Control in Periodic WindowsBishop, S.R.; Xu, D. ; Liaw, C.-Y. ; Chan, E.-S. 
Apr-1987BEHAVIOR OF ECCENTRICALLY BRACED FRAME BY PSEUDO-DYNAMIC TEST.Balendra, Thambirajah ; Lam, Kai-Yang ; Liaw, Chih-Young ; Lee, Seng-Lip 
Sep-1996Bifurcation behaviour and wave slamming force on a compliant horizontal cylinderLiaw, C.Y. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Chan, E.S. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
Apr-1988Bifurcations of subharmonics and chaotic motions of articulated towersLiaw, C.Y. 
1988Chaotic and periodic responses of a coupled wave-force and structure systemLiaw, C.Y. 
1999Comment on 'Nonlinear analysis of river flow time sequences' by Amilcare Porporato and Luca RidolfiSivakumar, B.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Liong, S.-Y. ; Liaw, C.-Y. ; Porporato, A.; Ridolfi, L.
1989Complex dynamics of a simple cylinder in regular wavesLiaw, C.Y. 
Jul-1989Complex dynamics of simple structural systemsLiaw, C.Y. ; Koh, C.G. ; Fong, P.K.
1991Design of earthquake-resistant steel frames with knee bracingBalendra, T. ; Sam, M.T. ; Liaw, C.Y. 
2004Determination of optimal and stable prediction parameters values in chaotic time seriesLiong, S.Y. ; Pasha, M.F.K.; Doan, C.D. ; Phoon, K.K. ; Liaw, C.Y. 
Aug-1990Diagonal brace with ductile knee anchor for aseismic steel frameBalendra, Thambirajah ; Ming-Tuck, Sam ; Chih-Young, Liaw 
2002Distributed GA for large system identification problemsKoh, C.G. ; Wu, L.P.; Liaw, C.Y. 
1993Dynamic instability of a parametrically excited ship rolling modelLiaw, C.Y. 
Aug-1993Dynamic stability and chaos of system with piecewise linear stiffnessLiaw, C.Y. ; Koh, C.G. 
Jun-1995Earthquake-resistant steel frames with energy dissipating knee elementsSam, M.-T.; Balendra, T. ; Liaw, C.-Y. 
8-Jan-1991Effects of time step size on the response of a bilinear system, I: Numerical studyKoh, C.G. ; Liaw, C.Y. 
8-Jan-1991Effects of time step size on the response of a bilinear system, II: Stability analysisLiaw, C.Y. ; Koh, C.G.