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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2005A note on edgeworth expansions for U-statistics under minimal conditionsJing, B.-Y.; Zhou, W. 
2011A note on rate of convergence in probability to semicircular lawBai, Z.; Hu, J.; Pan, G.; Zhou, W. 
Jan-2010Almost sure limit of the smallest eigenvalue of some sample correlation matricesXiao, H.; Zhou, W. 
Nov-2007Asymptotic distribution of the largest off-diagonal entry of correlation matricesZhou, W. 
Feb-2007Asymptotic distributions of the signal-to-interference ratios of LMMSE detection in multiuser communicationsPan, G.-M.; Guo, M.-H.; Zhou, W. 
2015Asymptotic mutual information statistics of MIMO channels and CLT of sample covariance matricesBao, Z.; Pan, G.; Zhou, W. 
Dec-2008Asymptotic properties of nonparametric frontier estimatorsHorváth, L.; Horváth, Z.; Zhou, W. 
Dec-2009Boundary proximity of SLESchramm, O.; Zhou, W. 
Oct-2011Central limit theorem for Hotelling's t2 statistic under large dimensionPan, G.M.; Zhou, W. 
2013Central Limit Theorem for Partial Linear Eigenvalue Statistics of Wigner MatricesBao, Z.; Pan, G.; Zhou, W. 
Jun-2008Central limit theorem for signal-to-interference ratio of reduced rank linear receiverPan, G.M.; Zhou, W. 
Mar-2010Circular law, extreme singular values and potential theoryPan, G.; Zhou, W. 
2009CLT for linear spectral statistics of Wigner matricesBai, Z.; Wang, X.; Zhou, W. 
1-Jul-2008Confidence bands for ROC curvesHorváth, L.; Horváth, Z.; Zhou, W. 
Jan-2012Convergence rates to the Marchenko-Pastur type distributionBai, Z.; Hu, J.; Zhou, W. 
Dec-2012Empirical Likelihood for Compound Poisson ProcessesLi, Z.; Wang, X.; Zhou, W. 
2014Empirical likelihood for least absolute relative error regressionLi, Z.; Lin, Y.; Zhou, G.; Zhou, W. 
15-Apr-2008Empirical likelihood for non-degenerate U-statisticsJing, B.-Y.; Yuan, J.; Zhou, W. 
Nov-2010Functional CLT for sample covariance matricesBai, Z. ; Wang, X.; Zhou, W. 
2009Jackknife empirical likelihoodJing, B.-Y.; Yuan, J.; Zhou, W.