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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A differentiated service scheme to optimize website revenuesOu, J. ; Parlar, M.; Sharafali, M.
1997Approximating a cumulative distribution function by generalized hyperexponential distributionsOu, J. ; Li, J. ; Özekici, S.
2003Benefits of providing amenities to impatient waiting customersOu, J. ; Rao, B.M.
2008Coordination of stocking decisions in an assemble-to-order environmentZhang, X.; Ou, J. ; Gilbert, S.M.
Mar-1998Cost effect of consolidating several one-warehouse multi-retailer systemsLim, Wei Shi ; Ou, Jihong ; Teo, Chung-Piaw 
2005Data prefetching for smooth navigation of large scale JPEG 2000 imagesDescampe, A.; Ou, J. ; Chevalier, P.; Macq, B.
1995Dynamic scheduling of a production/inventory system with by-products and random yieldOu, Jihong ; Wein, Lawrence M.
1999Impact on inventory costs with consolidation of distribution centersTeo, Chung Piaw ; Ou, Jihong ; Goh, Mark 
2001Impact on inventory costs with consolidation of distribution centersTeo, C.P. ; Ou, J. ; Goh, M. 
2003Inventory cost effect of consolidating several one-warehouse multiretailer systemsLim, W.-S. ; Ou, J. ; Teo, C.-P. 
2006Joint management of finished goods inventory and demand process for a make-to-stock product: A computational approachChen, L.; Feng, Y.; Ou, J. 
2005Management of inventory replenishment and available offerings for goods sold with optional value-added packagesChen, F.Y.; Feng, Y. ; Ou, J. 
1998Multi-item inventory staggering problems: Heuristics and boundsTeo, Chung-Piaw ; Ou, Jihong ; Tan, Kok-Choon 
Apr-1998On consolidation of distribution centersTeo, Chung-Piaw ; Ou, JihongL ; Goh, Mark 
Apr-2006Optimal control of parallel make-to-stock queues in an assembly systemOu, Jihong ; Heng-Qing Ye ; Ning, Weiyi
2006Optimal parking of idle elevators under myopic and state-dependent policiesParlar, M.; Sharafali, M.; Ou, J. 
Jan-1996Routing and scheduling pickup vehicles at a central mail processing facilityOu, Jihong 
1996Sequential screening in semiconductor manufacturing, II: Exploiting lot-to-lot variabilityOu, J. ; Wein, L.M.
2007Service performance analysis and improvement for a ticket queue with balking customersXu, S.H.; Gao, L.; Ou, J. 
2005Stability of data networks: Stationary and bursty modelsYe, H.-Q. ; Ou, J. ; Yuan, X.-M.