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1-Aug-2017Clinical Course of Hemodialysis Access after Initial Endovascular Intervention for Stenosis in Asian Renal Failure PatientsSenthoor D.; Thant K.Z.; Ng T.-K.; Ho P. 
2016Comprehensive Comparison of the Performance of Autogenous Brachial-Basilic Transposition Arteriovenous Fistula and Prosthetic Forearm Loop Arteriovenous Graft in a Multiethnic Asian Hemodialysis PopulationChue K.M.; Thant K.Z. ; Luo H.D. ; Soh Y.H.R.; Ho P. 
Feb-2009Day surgery varicose vein treatment using endovenous laserHo, P. ; Poon, J.T.C.; Cho, S.Y.; Cheung, G.; Tam, Y.F.; Yuen, W.K.; Cheng, S.W.K.
2002Early and late outcomes in Hong Kong Chinese patients undergoing carotid endarterectomyTing A.C.W.; Cheng S.W.K.; Cheung J.; Ho P. ; Wu L.L.H.; Cheung G.C.Y.
28-Nov-2019How to do it: value‐driven sharp recanalization of central vein occlusionYoong, Gary Sem Wye; Koh, Fredrick Hong Xiang; Wee, Bernard Boon Kee; ANIL GOPINATHAN ; HO PEI 
2018Improved recovery from limb ischaemia by delivery of an affinity-isolated heparan sulphatePoon, S; Lu, X; Smith, R.A.A; Ho, P ; Bhakoo, K ; Nurcombe, V; Cool, S.M 
1-Mar-2017Simulated Bench Testing to Evaluate the Mechanical Performance of New Carotid StentsKumar G.P.; Kabinejadian F.; Liu J.; Ho P. ; Leo H.L.; Cui F.
2016Submillimeter diameter poly(vinyl alcohol) vascular graft patency in rabbit modelCutiongco, M.F.A; Kukumberg, M ; Peneyra, J.L ; Yeo, M.S; Yao, J.Y; Rufaihah, A.J ; Le Visage, C; Ho, J.P ; Yim, E.K.F 
Jan-2012Surgeons' static posture and movement repetitions in open and laparoscopic surgerySzeto, G.P.Y.; Cheng, S.W.K.; Poon, J.T.C.; Ting, A.C.W.; Tsang, R.C.C.; Ho, P.