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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986An application of geometric programming to structural designDas Gupta, N.C. ; Paul, H.; Chiew Hui Yu 
2001An economical structural system for wind and earthquake loadsBalendra, T. ; Yu, C.H. ; Lee, F.L.
1998Collapse behaviour of sway frames with end-plate connectionsYu, C.H. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Ng, Y.H.
1989Corner supported isosceles triangular orthotropic platesShanmugam, N.E. ; Huang, R.; Yu, C.H. ; Lee, S.L. 
Mar-2004Jacketing of reinforced concrete columns subjected to axial loadOng, K.C.G. ; Kog, Y.C. ; Yu, C.H. ; Sreekanth, A.P.V.
Apr-1998Modelling of steel-concrete composite jointsShanmugam, N.E. ; Yu, C.H. ; Liew, J.Y.Richard ; Teo, T.H.
1992Optimal design of prestressed concrete composite slab by geometric programmingGupta, N.C.Das ; Yu, C.H. 
1986Stability of frames with semirigid jointsYu, C.H. ; Shanmugam, N.E. 
1988Stability of semi-rigid space framesYu, C.H. ; Shanmugam, N.E. 
Feb-1997Testing of Semi-rigid Unbraced Frames for Calibration of Second-order Inelastic AnalysisLiew, J.Y.R. ; Yu, C.H. ; Ng, Y.H.; Shanmugam, N.E. 
Jul-2000Testing of steel-concrete composite connections and appraisal of resultsLiew, J.Y.R. ; Teo, T.H.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Yu, C.H. 
1988Uniformly loaded rhombic orthotropic plates supported at cornersShanmugam, N.E. ; Huang, R.; Yu, C.H. ; Lee, S.L.