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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2013A meta-analysis of anastrozole in combination with fulvestrant in the first line treatment of hormone receptor positive advanced breast cancerTan, P.S.; Haaland, B. ; Montero, A.J.; Lopes, G.
4-Mar-2014Bayesian semiparametric predictive modeling with applications in dose-response predictionHaaland, B. ; Chiang, A.Y.
30-Apr-2015Colchicine effectiveness in symptom and inflammation modification in knee osteoarthritis (COLKOA): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialLeung, Ying Ying ; Thumboo, Julian; Wong, Bak Siew; Haaland, Benjamin Adam ; Chowbay, Balram; Chakraborty, Bibhas ; Tan, Mann Hong; Kraus, Virginia Byers B
Dec-2012Cost-effectiveness of an injury and drowning prevention program in BangladeshRahman, F.; Bose, S.; Linnan, M.; Rahman, A.; Mashreky, S.; Haaland, B. ; Finkelstein, E. 
2015Design and baseline characteristics of participants in the TRial of Economic Incentives to Promote Physical Activity (TRIPPA): A randomized controlled trial of a six month pedometer program with financial incentivesFinkelstein, Eric Andrew ; Aarti Sahasranaman ; John Geraldine; Benjamin Adam Haaland ; Marcel Bilger ; Sloan, Robert A.; Nang, Ei Ei Khaing; Evenson, Kelly R.
Dec-2011Gefitinib vs. chemotherapy as first-line therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: Meta-analysis of phase III trialsKu, G.Y.; Haaland, B.A. ; de Lima Lopes, G.
Aug-2013Heart rate variability risk score for prediction of acute cardiac complications in ED patients with chest painOng, M.E.H. ; Goh, K.; Fook-Chong, S.; Haaland, B. ; Wai, K.L. ; Koh, Z.X.; Shahidah, N.; Lin, Z.
16-Mar-2014Hormonal therapeutics enzalutamide and abiraterone acetate in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) post-docetaxel-an indirect comparisonTan, P.S.; Haaland, B. ; Montero, A.J.; Kyriakopoulos, C.E.; Lopes, G.
2015Interventional strategies associated with improvements in survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Singapore over 10 yearsLai, Hsuan; Choong, Caroline V; Fook-Chong, Stephanie Mc C; Ng, Yih Yng ; Finkelstein, Eric Andrew ; Haaland, Benjamin Adam ; Goh, E. Shaun; Leong, Benjamin; Gan, Hannee; Foo, David; Tham, Laipeng; Charles, Rabind Antony; Ong, Marcuseh
2014Meta-analysis of first-line therapies in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer harboring EGFR-activating mutationsHaaland, B. ; Tan, P.S.; De Castro Jr., G.; Lopes, G.
2013Non-communicable diseases and injuries in Pakistan: Strategic prioritiesJafar, T.H.; Haaland, B.A. ; Rahman, A.; Razzak, J.A.; Bilger, M.; Naghavi, M.; Mokdad, A.H.; Hyder, A.A.
Feb-2014Randomized clinical trial of cutting balloon angioplasty versus high-pressure balloon angioplasty in hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula stenoses resistant to conventional balloon angioplastyAftab, S.A.; Tay, K.H. ; Irani, F.G.; Gong Lo, R.H.; Gogna, A.; Haaland, B. ; Tan, S.G. ; Chng, S.P.; Pasupathy, S.; Choong, H.L. ; Tan, B.S. 
Sep-2011Sudoku-based space-filling designsXu, X.; Haaland, B. ; Qian, P.Z.G.