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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2019Agreement between arterial and venous blood gases in trauma resuscitation in emergency department (AGREE)Boon, Yuru; Kuan, Win Sen ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Chua, Mui Teng 
1-May-2014Anomia and mild headache: a subtle presentation of cerebral venous thrombosisKuan, WS 
1-Feb-2019Appropriateness of blood culture: A comparison of practices between the emergency department and general wardsChoi, ECE; Chia, YH; Koh, YQ; Lim, CZQ; Lim, JC; Ooi, SBS ; Ibrahim, I ; Kuan, WS 
2015Asia, Australia and New Zealand Dyspnoea in Emergency Departments (AANZDEM) study: Rationale, design and analysisKelly Anne-Maree; Keijzers G.; Klim S.; Graham C.A.; Craig S.; Kuan, Win Sen ; Jones P.; Holdgate A.; Lawoko C.; Laribi S.; McNulty R.; Tan C., Cowell D.L., Jain N., Devillecourt T., Forrester A., Lee K., Chalkley D., Gillett M., Lozzi L., Asha S.,
1-Nov-2018Assessment of dyspneic patients in the emergency department using point-of-care lung and cardiac ultrasonography-a prospective observational studyKoh, Yiwen; Chua, Mui Teng ; Ho, Weng Hoe ; Lee, Chengjie; Chan, Gene Wai Han ; Kuan, Win Sen 
Dec-2019Beta-blockers' effect on Levels of Lactate in patients with suspected sepsis – The BeLLa studyChan, Jonathan Zhao Wang; Tan, Jung Hiong; LATHER KANWAR SUDHIR ; Ng, Alexander Jet Yue; Ong, Zhengxuan; Zou, Xiangyu; CHUA MUI TENG ; KUAN WIN SEN 
1-Oct-2018Bicycle-Related Injuries in Paediatric PatientsPeter, L; Hong, CC; Daniel, P; Aoyama, R; Murphy, D; Kuan, WS 
1-Apr-2018Computed tomography of the head for adult patients with minor head injury: are clinical decision rules a necessary evil?Tan, Desmond Wei; Lim, Annabelle Mei En; Ong, Daniel Yuxuan; Peng, Li Lee ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Sen Kuan, Win 
2019Cross-sectional study of perceptions of qualities of a good medical teacher among medical students from first year to final yearLow, MJW; Khoo, KSM; Kuan, WS ; Ooi, SBS 
1-Mar-2017Death among elderly patients in the emergency department: a needs assessment for end-of-life carePal, Rakhee Yash ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Koh, Yiwen; Venugopal, Kuhan; Ibrahim, Irwani 
1-Jan-2019Early predictors for the diagnosis of liver abscess in the emergency departmentChia, DWJ; Kuan, WS ; Ho, WH ; Sim, TB; Chua, MT 
30-Aug-2018Epidemiology of patients presenting with dyspnea to emergency departments in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.Laribi, Said; Keijzers, Gerben; van Meer, Oene; Klim, Sharon; Motiejunaite, Justina; Kuan, Win Sen ; Body, Richard; Jones, Peter; Karamercan, Mehmet; Craig, Simon; Harjola, Veli-Pekka; Holdgate, Anna; Golea, Adela; Graham, Colin; Verschuren, Franck; Capsec, Jean; Christ, Michael; Grammatico-Guillon, Leslie; Barletta, Cinzia; Garcia-Castrillo, Luis; Kelly, Anne-Maree; AANZDEM and EURODEM study groups
1-Nov-2018Evaluation for occult sepsis incorporating NIRS and emergency sonographyNg, Natalie Yu Yi; Ang, Hannah Hui En; Tan, Jacqueline Chieh Ling; Ho, Weng Hoe ; Kuan, Win Sen ; Chua, Mui Teng 
1-Mar-2018Evaluation for occult sepsis incorporating NIRS and emergency sonography (EOSINE)Ang, H; Tan, C; Ng, Y; Kuan, W ; Chua, M 
1-Jan-2019Initiating End-of-Life Care at the Emergency Department: An Observational StudyChor, WPD; Wong, SYP; Ikbal, MFBM; Kuan, WS ; Chua, MT ; Pal, RY 
Jan-2013Irreducible dislocation of the fourth metatarsophalangeal joint - A case reportHey, H.W.; Chang, G.; Hong, C.C.; Kuan, W.S. 
26-Oct-2018A Novel Environment-Invariant Core Body Temperature Estimation for High Sensitivity and Specificity Fever ScreeningSilawan, N; Kusukame, K; Kek, KJ; Kuan, WS 
4-Apr-2019Pre- and Apnoeic high flow oxygenation for RApid sequence intubation in The Emergency department (Pre-AeRATE): study protocol for a multicentre, randomised controlled trialChua, Mui Teng ; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Ng, Wei Ming; Lu, Qingshu; Low, Matthew Jian Wen; Yau, Ying Wei ; Punyadasa, Amila; Kuan, Win Sen 
Mar-2011Primary spontaneous pneumothorax-the role of the emergency observation unitKuan, W.S. ; Lather, K.S.; Mahadevan, M. 
9-Aug-2019Risk Factors for Emergency Department Unscheduled Return VisitsCrystal Harn Wei Soh; Ziwei Lin; Darius Shaw Teng Pan; Weng Hoe Ho ; Malcolm Mahadevan ; Mui Teng Chua ; Win Sen Kuan