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2010Adjunctive antidepressant use and its clinical correlates in patients with schizophrenia: An East Asia multicenter comparative prescribing auditSim, K. ; Fujii, S.; Yang, S.-Y.; Chong, M.-Y.; Ungvari, G.S.; Si, T.; He, Y.L.; Chung, E.K.; Shinfuku, N.; Kua, E.H. ; Tan, C.H. 
26-Jun-2019Cannabis Use Correlates with Aggressive Behavior and Long-acting Injectable Antipsychotic Treatment in Asian Patients with SchizophreniaSeon-Cheol Park; Hong Seok Oh; Adarsh Tripathi; Roy Kallivayalil; Ajit Avasthi; Sandeep Grover; Andi Jayalangkara Tanra; Shigenobu Kanba; Takahiro Kato; Toshiya Inada; Kok Yoon Chee; Mian-Yoon Chong; Shih-Ku Lin; Kang Sim ; Yu-Tao Xiang; Chay-Hoon Tan ; Afzal Javed; Norman Sartorius; Naotaka Shinfuku; Yong Chon Park
Jan-2014Corpus callosum morphology in first-episode and chronic schizophrenia: Combined magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging study of Chinese Singaporean patientsCollinson, S.L. ; Gan, S.C.; Woon, P.S.; Kuswanto, C. ; Sum, M.Y.; Yang, G.L.; Lui, J.M.; Sitoh, Y.Y.; Nowinski, W.L.; Sim, K. 
2015Progressive gender differences of structural brain networks in healthy adults: A longitudinal, diffusion tensor imaging studySun Yu ; Lee, Renick; Chen, Yu; Collinson, Simon Lowes ; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Bezerianos, Anastasios G. ; Sim, Kang 
10-Jun-2013Use of Clozapine in Older Asian Patients with Schizophrenia between 2001 and 2009Xiang, Y.-T.; Buchanan, R.W.; Ungvari, G.S.; Chiu, H.F.K.; Lai, K.Y.C.; Li, Y.-H.; Si, T.-M.; Wang, C.-Y.; Lee, E.H.M.; He, Y.-L.; Yang, S.-Y.; Chong, M.-Y.; Kua, E.-H. ; Fujii, S.; Sim, K. ; Yong, M.K.H.; Trivedi, J.K.; Chung, E.-K.; Udomratn, P.; Chee, K.-Y.; Sartorius, N.; Tan, C.-H. ; Shinfuku, N.
Dec-2012Use of first- and second-generation antipsychotic medications in older patients with schizophrenia in Asia (2001-2009)Xiang, Y.-T.; Kreyenbuhl, J.; Dickerson, F.B.; Ungvari, G.S.; Wang, C.-Y.; Si, T.-M.; Lee, E.H.; He, Y.-L.; Chiu, H.F.; Yang, S.-Y.; Chong, M.-Y.; Tan, C.-H. ; Kua, E.-H. ; Fujii, S.; Sim, K. ; Yong, M.K.; Trivedi, J.K.; Chung, E.-K.; Udomratn, P.; Chee, K.-Y.; Sartorius, N.; Shinfuku, N.