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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A Book of Five Rings: The Samurai way to achieving construction qualityPheng, L.S. 
2004A comparative study of top British and Chinese international contractors in the global marketPheng, L.S. ; Hongbin, J.; Leong, C.H.Y. 
1998A construction quality costs quantifying system for the building industryLow, S.P. ; Yeo, H.K.C.
2007A decision support system for predicting accident risks in building projectsImriyas, K.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. 
2007A framework for computing workers' compensation insurance premiums in constructionImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Teo, E.A.-L.
2006A framework for developing a knowledge-based decision support system for management of variation orders for institutional buildingsArain, F.M.; Pheng, L.S. 
1996A framework for implementing TQM in constructionPheng, L.S. ; Ke-Wei, P.
2006A fuzzy expert system for computing workers' compensation insurance premiums in construction: A conceptual frameworkImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Lin, T.A. ; Lean, C.S. 
2007A fuzzy knowledge-based system for premium rating of workers' compensation insurance for building projectsImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Teo, E.A.-L.
2006A knowledge-based system as A decision making tool for effective management of variations and design improvement: Leveraging on information technology applicationsArain, F.M.; Pheng, L.S. 
1992A revisit to Turin's paradigm. Construction and development in the 1970s and 1980sPheng, L.S. ; Leong, C.H.Y. 
16-May-2016An enterprise risk management knowledge-based decision support system for construction firmsZhao Xianbo; HWANG BON-GANG ; LOW SUI PHENG 
2006Analysing ownership, locational and internalization advantages of Chinese construction MNCs using rough sets analysisPheng, L.S. ; Hongbin, J.
2-Jan-2014Analysis of criteria for decision making to achieve sustainability and buildability in building envelope designSinghaputtangkul, N.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. ; Hwang, B.-G. 
1997Ancient Thai battlefield strategic principles: Lessons for leadership qualities in construction project managementPheng, L.S. ; Chuvessiriporn, C.
Jul-2011Applying just-in-time principles in the delivery and management of airport terminal buildingsPheng, L.S. ; Arain, F.M.; Fang, J.W.Y.
2005Assessment of defects at construction and occupancy stagesChong, W.-K.; Low, S.-P. 
2012Assimilating total building performance mandates with Chinese geomancy principles and scenariosPheng, L.S. ; Xiaopeng, D.; Ting, Q.L.
1998Back to the basics: Biblical wisdom for effective construction project managementLow, S.P. 
3-Jul-2014Barriers to achieving green precast concrete stock management - A survey of current stock management practices in SingaporeWu, P.; Low, S.P.