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2001A clinical report about an unusual occurrence of post-anesthetic tongue swellingTan, W.K.-S.; Liu, E.H.-C.; Thean, H.P.-Y. 
1996A clinically viable index for quantifying denture plaqueJeganathan, S.; Thean, H.P.Y. ; Thong, K.T.; Chan, Y.C. ; Singh, M. 
1995Advertising in dentistry--a position paper.Thean, H. ; Asha, K.; Lee, H.H.; John, J.; Tang, K.W.; Lam, J.M.; Lau, I.L.
1998An evaluation of bond strengths of denture repair resins by a torsional methodThean, H.P.Y. ; Chew, C.L. ; Goh, K.I.; Norman, R.D.
Mar-2000Bond strengths of glass ionomer restoratives to primary vs permanent dentinThean, H.P.Y. ; Mok, B.Y.Y. ; Chew, C.L. 
1997Denture stomatitis in an elderly edentulous Asian populationJeganathan, S.; Payne, J.A. ; Thean, H.P.Y. 
2003Microwave drying of high strength dental stone: Effects on dimensional accuracyYap, A.U.J. ; Yap, S.H.; Teo, J.C.K.; Tay, C.M.; Ng, K.L.; Thean, H.P.Y. 
2009Oral health status and treatment needs of elderly residents in a Singapore nursing homeThean, H.P.Y. ; Wong, M.L.; Koh, C.G.; Wong, A.S.M.
1996Shear bond strength of denture teeth to base: A comparative studyThean, H.P.Y. ; Chew, C.-L. ; Goh, K.I.
2004Shear bond strength of microwaveable acrylic resin for denture repairNg, E.T.L.; Tan, L.H.H.; Chew, B.S.H.; Thean, H.P.Y. 
2007The dental awareness of nursing home staff in Singapore - a pilot study.Thean, H. ; Wong, M.L.; Koh, H.
1996The use of removable partial dentures amongst private dental practitioners in Singapore.Thean, H.P. ; Payne, J.A. ; Jeganathan, S.
2001Viability of magnetic denture retainers: A 3-year case reportThean, H.P.Y. ; Khor, S.K.L.; Loh, P.-L.