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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2007A chaos perspective on supply chain dynamicsHwarng, H. Brian ; Xie, Na
2001A modern simulation course for business studentsHwarng, H.B. 
Jul-1999A modern simulation course for undergraduate business programsHwarng, Brian H. 
1997A neural network approach to identifying cyclic behaviour on control charts: A comparative studyHwarng, H.B. 
2001A simple neural network for ARMA(p,q) time seriesHwarng, H.B. ; Ang, H.T.
Jul-1999Applying QFD in higher educationHwarng, Brian H. 
1993Back-propagation pattern recognizers for X control charts: Methodology and performanceHwarng, H.B. ; Hubele, N.F.
2010Behavioral pathways explaining oral health disparity in childrenGao, X.-L.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. ; Xu, Y.C.; Loh, T.; Koh, D. ; Hwarng, H.B. 
1992Boltzmann machines that learn to recognize patterns on control chartsHwarng, H.B. ; Hubele, N.F.
2010Building caries risk assessment models for childrenGao, X.-L.; Hsu, C.-Y.S. ; Xu, Y.; Hwarng, H.B. ; Loh, T.; Koh, D. 
Jul-1999Computer simulation : a powerful tool for port design and operationsHwarng, Brian H. 
Apr-2005Detecting concurrent presence of mean shift and correlation using neural networksHwarng, H. Brian 
2002Detecting Mean Shift in AR(1) ProcessesHwarng, H.B. 
Apr-2005Detecting mean shift in AR(1) processesHwarng, H. Brian 
2004Detecting process mean shift in the presence of autocorrelation: A neural-network based monitoring schemeHwarng, H.B. 
1995Detecting process non-randomness through a fast and cumulative learning ART-based pattern recognizerHwarng, H.B. ; Chong, C.W.
Aug-2003Early childhood caries risk assessment using neural networks and multivariate logistic regressionHwarng, H. Brian ; C. Stephen Hsu ; Pui Han Lim; Na Xie
2002Enhancing value stream agility: The UK speciality chemical industryBurgess, T.; Hwarng, B. ; Shaw, N.; De Mattos, C.
Feb-2007Improving process troubleshooting in bivariate autocorrelated processesHwarng, H. Brian ; Wang, Yu
Jul-2002Indicating when autocorrelated time series shifted using neural networksHwarng, H. Brian