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2005A comparative study of QRD-M detection and sphere decoding for MIMO-OFDM systemsDai, Y.; Sun, S. ; Lei, Z.
2000A matrix-algebraic approach to linear parallel interference cancellation in CDMAGuo, D. ; Rasmussen, L.K.; Sun, S. ; Lim, T.J.
2004A novel iterative receiver for coded MIMO OFDM systemsSun, S. ; Wu, Y.; Li, Y.; Tjhung, T.T.
2004An iterative receiver for groupwise bit-interleaved coded QAM STBC OFDMSun, S. ; Tjhung, T.T.; Li, Y.
1996Broadband measurements of indoor wireless LAN channels at 18 GHz using directive antennasSumei, Sun 
8-Jan-2004Channel estimator and equalizer for OFDM systemsHE, PING ; HO, CHIN KEONG ; SUN, SUMEI 
1998Hybrid interference canceller in CDMASun, S. ; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Sugimoto, H.; Lim, T.J. 
1998Impact of estimation errors on multiuser detection in CDMARasmussen, Lars K. ; Sun, Sumei ; Lim, Teng J. ; Sugimoto, Hiroki
1998MMSE-based linear parallel interference cancellation in CDMAGuo, Dongning ; Rasmussen, Lars K. ; Sun, Sumei ; Lim, Teng J. ; Cheah, Christopher 
2000Multipath searcher with the hybrid CDMA interference cancellerSun, S. ; Sugimoto, H.; Rasmussen, L.K. ; Lim, T.J. 
2006Precoding for asymmetric MIMO-OFDM channelsSun, S. ; Liang, Y.-C.; Wu, Y.; Tjhung, T.T.
May-2003Propagation measurements and modeling of LMDS radio channel in SingaporeSoma, P.; Ong, L.C. ; Sun, S. ; Chia, M.Y.W. 
9-Dec-2003Receiving device and channel estimator for use in a CDMA communication systemSUGIMOTO, HIROKI; LIM, TENG JOON ; RASMUSSEN, LARS ; CHEAH, KOK LEONG ; SUN, SUMEI ; MATSUMOTO, YOSHIHIRO; OYAMA, TAKASHI
2006Space-time precoding for asymmetric MIMO channelsSun, S. ; Liang, Y.-C.; Tjhung, T.T.
1997Statistical Modeling of Broadband Wireless LAN Channels at 18 GHz Using Directive AntennasDo, M.A.; Sun, S.