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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A Bayesian Network approach to rational architectural designZhang, H.; Jarzabek, S. 
2009A case study of variation mechanism in an industrial product lineYe, P.; Peng, X.; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2008A comparative study of maintainability of web applications on J2EE, .NET and ruby on railsStella, L.F.F.; Jarzabek, S. ; Wadhwa, B. 
2009A data mining approach for detecting higher-level clones in softwareBasit, H.A.; Jarzabek, S. 
2010A hybrid approach to feature-oriented programming in XVCLZhang, H.; Jarzabek, S. 
2013A large scale Linux-Kernel based benchmark for feature location researchXing, Z.; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2005A need-oriented assessment of technological trends in web engineeringRajapakse, D.C. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2006Addressing quality attributes in domain analysis for product linesJarzabek, S. ; Yang, B.; Yoeun, S.
2005All empirical study on limits of clone unification using genericsBasit, H.A.; Rajapakse, D.C. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2005An investigation of cloning in web applicationsRajapakse, D.C. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2005An investigation of cloning in Web ApplicationsRajapakse, D.C. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2006Analysis of meta-programs: An exampleJarzabek, S. ; Zhang, H.; Shen, R.U.; Lam, V.T.; Zhenxin, S. 
2005Applying a generative technique for enhanced genericity and maintainability on the J2EE platformJun, Y.; Jarzabek, S. 
2010Are clones harmful for maintenance?Jarzabek, S. ; Xue, Y. 
2009Avoiding some common preprocessing pitfalls with feature queriesJarzabek, S. ; Xue, Y. ; Zhang, H.; Lee, Y.
2005Beyond templates: A study of clones in the STL and some general implicationsBasit, H.A.; Rajapakse, D.C. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2011CloneDiff - Semantic differencing of clonesXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2011CloneDifferentiator: Analyzing clones by differentiationXing, Z. ; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
2006Computer-aided dispatch system family architecture and verification: An integrated formal approachSun, J.; Dong, J.S. ; Jarzabek, S. ; Wang, H.
2006Cost-effective engineering of web applications pragmatic reuse: Building web application product linesJarzabek, S. ; Pettersson, U.