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1999An annotated checklist of the birds of Pulau Tioman, Peninsular MalaysiaSodhi, N.S. ; Briffett, C. ; Lee, B.P.Y.-H.; Subaraj, R.
1999Bird use of linear areas of a tropical city: Implications for park connector design and managementSodhi, N.S. ; Briffett, C. ; Kong, L. ; Yuen, B. 
1991Developing building pathology techniques in expert systemsBriffett, C. ; Leng, Ang Aik 
2012EIA-EMS link in VietnamAnh, D.M.; Briffett, C. 
1999Environmental impact assessment in Southeast Asia: Fact and fiction?Briffett, C. 
2000Impact of ISO 14000 on construction enterprises in SingaporeOfori, G. ; Briffett, C. ; Gang, G. ; Ranasinghe, M. 
2002Implementing environmental management systems in construction: Lessons from quality systemsOfori, G. ; Gang, G. ; Briffett, C. 
2001Is managed recreational use compatible with effective habitat and wildlife occurrence in urban open space corridor systems?Briffett, C. 
1999ISO 14000: Its relevance to the construction industry of Singapore and its potential as the next industry milestoneKein, A.T.T.; Ofori, G.; Briffett, C. 
1997Nature and nurture, danger and delight: urban women's experiences of the natural worldKong, L.L.L. ; Yuen, B. ; Briffett, C. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
1999Nature and the Singapore residentYuen, B. ; Kong, L. ; Briffett, C. 
1991Proposals for the conservation of nature in urban SingaporeBriffett, C. 
1999The construction and experience of nature: Perspectives of urban youthsKong, L. ; Yuen, B.; Sodhi, N.S.; Briffett, C. 
1997The greening of Singapore's national estateHin, D.H.K. ; Chong, R.T.Y. ; Wai, T.K. ; Briffett, C. 
1991The performance of external wall systems in tropical climatesBriffett, C.