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22-Nov-2018Autocorrelation-based Geophysical Bedrock Mapping Using Ambient NoiseZhang, Yunhuo; Li, Yunyue Elita ; Ku Taeseo 
1-Apr-2013Continuous-interval shear wave velocity profiling by auto-source and seismic piezocone testsKu, T ; Mayne, PW; Cargill, E
21-Jun-2016Development of global correlation models between in situ stress-normalized shear wave velocity and soil unit weight for plastic soilsMoon, SW ; Ku, T 
2015Directional properties of small strain shear stiffness in soilsKu, Taeseo; Mayne, Paul W. 
1-Oct-2018Early strength development in cement-treated sand using low-carbon rapid-hardening cementsVinoth, G ; Moon, SW ; Moon, J ; Ku, T 
9-Jul-2013Evaluating the in situ lateral stress coefficient (K<inf>0</inf>) of soils via paired shear wave velocity modesKu, T ; Mayne, PW
1-Aug-2019Geotechnical site investigation for tunneling and underground works by advanced passive surface wave surveyZhang, Yunhuo; Li, Yunyue Elita ; Ku, Taeseo 
1-Mar-2019Near-surface site investigation by seismic interferometry using urban traffic noise in SingaporeZhang, Yunhuo; Li, Yunyue Elita ; Zhang, Heng; Ku, Taeseo 
2017Small strain stiffness of unsaturated sands containing a polyacrylamide solutionJung, J; Ku, T ; Ahn, J
22-Nov-2018Time-Picking Methods for Seismic Cross-Hole Data with low signal-to-noise ratioNg, CH Yannick ; Ku Taeseo