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Sep-1998∑2 Induction and infinite injury priority argument, Part I: Maximal sets and the jump operatorChong, C.T. ; Yang, Y. 
2001∑2 induction and infinite injury priority arguments, part III: Prompt sets, minimal pairs and shoenfield's conjectureChong, C.T. ; Qian, L.; Slaman, T.A.; Yang, Y. 
Aug-2009A π1 1-uniformization principle for realsChong, C.T. ; Yu, L.
1999Chapter 9 Ordinal recursion TheoryChong, C.T. ; Friedman, S.D.
9-Oct-1989Hyperhypersimple sets and Δ2 systemsChong, C.T. 
Aug-2008Lowness of higher randomness notionsChong, C.T. ; Nies, A.; Yu, L.
Dec-2007Maximal chains in the turing degreesChong, C.T. ; Yu, L.
31-Aug-1990Minimal degrees recursive in 1-generic degreesChong, C.T. ; Downey, R.G.
Mar-2010On the role of the collection principle for ∑2 0 -formulas in second-order reverse mathematicsChong, C.T. ; Lempp, S.; Yang, Y. 
Dec-1994Positive Reducibility of the Interior of Filled Julia SetsChong, C.T. 
31-Aug-1990The degree of a Σn cutChong, C.T. ; Mourad, K.J. 
Mar-2006The existence of high nonbounding degrees in the difference hierarchyChong, C.T. ; Li, A.; Yang, Y. 
Jun-2007The jump of a Σn-cutChong, C.T. ; Yang, Y. 
Jan-2005The minimal e-degree problem in fragments of Peano arithmeticArslanov, M.M.; Chong, C.T. ; Cooper, S.B.; Yang, Y. 
May-1995The polynomial topological complexity of Fatou-Julia setsChong, C.T. 
2010The strength of the projective Martin conjectureChong, C.T. ; Wang, W.; Yu, L.
2010The theory of the α degrees is undecidableChong, C.T. ; Slaman, T.A.
2007Thin maximal antichains in the turing degreesChong, C.T. ; Yu, L.
20-Jun-2012Π11-conservation of combinatorial principles weaker than Ramsey's theorem for pairsChong, C.T. ; Slaman, T.A.; Yang, Y. 
15-Sep-1997Σ2 induction and infinite injury priority arguments, Part II Tame Σ2 coding and the jump operatorChong, C.T. ; Yang, Y.