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Jul-2008Analysts' perception and performance of government linked companiesLim, Joseph Y. S. ; Tan, Ruth S. K. ; Ow, S. Y.
Feb-2000CEO share ownership and firm valueTan, Ruth Seow Kuan ; Chng, Pheng Lui ; Tan, Tee Ween
2001CEO share ownership and firm valueTan, R.S.K. ; Chng, P.L. ; Tan, T.W.
1998Communication of private information and the valuation of initial public offerings in SingaporeEng, L.L. ; Khoo, A. ; Tan, R. 
Dec-2005Initial public offerings of state-owned enterprises : an international study of policy riskLam, Swee-Sum ; Tan, Ruth Seow-Kuan ; Wee, Glenn Tsao-Min
2007Initial public offerings of state-owned enterprises: An International study of policy riskLam, S.-S. ; Tan, R.S.-K. ; Wee, G.T.-M.
Oct-2014Is transparency in the equity lending market good news?Huszar, Zsuzsa R. ; Tan, Ruth Seow Kuan ; Zhang, Weina 
Aug-1995Price arbitrage in Nikkei stock average futures across Osaka and SIMEXLim, Kian Guan ; Tan, Ruth S. K. ; Loo, K. C.
2002Private placements and rights issues in SingaporeTan, R.S.K. ; Chng, P.L. ; Tong, Y.H.
Jul-2014Stock lending from lenders' perspective : are lenders price takers?Huszar, Zsuzsa R. ; Tan, Ruth Seow Kuan ; Zhang, Weina 
1998The diminishing calendar anomalies in the stock exchange of SingaporeTan, R.S.K. ; Tat, W.N.
1999The effects of offering method and trading location on the pricing of IPOs in SingaporeTan, R.S.K. ; Eng, L.I.L.I. ; Khoo, A. 
2003Voluntary trading suspensions in SingaporeTan, R.S.K. ; Yeo, W.Y.