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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2020A 0.25-V, 5.3-pW Voltage Reference with 25-µV/oC Temperature Coefficient, 140-µV/V Line Sensitivity and 2,200-µm2 Area in 180nmFassio, Luigi; LIN LONGYANG ; De Rose, Raffaele; Lanuzza, Marco; Crupi, Felice; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
22-Oct-2020A Robust, High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Ultralow-Voltage Level ShifterLUIGI FASSIO ; Francesco Settino; LIN LONGYANG ; Raffaele De Rose; Marco Lanuzza; Felice Crupi; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
1-Jan-2020Adaptive Digital Circuits for Power-Performance Range beyond Wide Voltage ScalingSAURABH JAIN ; LIN LONGYANG ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
2015Analysis and characterization of variability in subthreshold source-coupled logic circuitsShoaran, Mahsa; Tajalli, Armin; Alioto, Massimo Bruno ; Schmid, Alexandre; Leblebici, Yusuf.
2020Approximate Multipliers with Dynamic Truncation for Energy Reduction via Graceful Quality DegradationFrustaci, Fabio; Perri, Stefania; Corsonello, Pasquale; Alioto, Massimo 
15-Nov-2019Automated Design of Reconfigurable Microarchitectures for Accelerators under Wide Voltage ScalingSAURABH JAIN ; LIN LONGYANG ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
1-Sep-2020Broad-Purpose In-Memory Computing for Signal Monitoring and Machine Learning WorkloadsSAURABH JAIN ; LIN LONGYANG ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
28-Jul-2020Broad-Purpose In-Memory Computing for Signal Monitoring and Machine Learning Workloads Based on Commercial BitcellSAURABH JAIN ; LIN LONGYANG ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
29-Jan-2020Deep Sub-pJ/bit Low-Area Energy-Security Scalable SIMON Crypto-CoreSACHIN TANEJA ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
1-Nov-2019Drop-In Energy-Performance Range Extension in Microcontrollers Beyond VDD ScalingSAURABH JAIN ; LIN LONGYANG ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
1-Jan-2020Energy-Quality Scalable Memory-Frugal Feature Extraction for Always-On Deep Sub-mW Distributed VisionANASTACIA ALVAREZ; GOPALAKRISHNAN PONNUSAMY ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
13-Apr-2020Fully Synthesizable Low-Area Analogue-to-Digital Converters with Minimal Design Effort Based on the Dyadic Digital Pulse ModulationORAZIO AIELLO ; Paolo Crovetti; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
28-Jul-2020Fully-Synthesizable All-Digital Unified Dynamic Entropy Generation, Extraction and Utilization in a Cryptographic Core for Constrained Secure SystemsSACHIN TANEJA ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
23-Jan-2020Fully-Synthesizable Current-Input ADCs for Ultra-Low Area and Minimal Design EffortORAZIO AIELLO ; Paolo Crovetti; AYUSHPARTH SHARMA ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
3-Jan-2020Low-Energy Voice Activity Detection via Energy-Quality Scaling from Data Conversion to Machine LearningTEO JINQ HORNG ; CHENG SHUAI ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
14-Jun-2020Multi-Sensor Platform with Five-Order-of-Magnitude System Power Adaptation down to 3.1nW and Sustained Operation under Moonlight HarvestingLIN LONGYANG ; SAURABH JAIN ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
2016Polarization controllable multispectral symmetry-breaking absorber in mid-infraredChen, Nan ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Ho, Chong Pei ; Hasan, Dihan ; Kropelnicki, Piotr; Alioto, Massimo ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1-Oct-2020Processor Energy-Performance Range Extension Beyond Voltage Scaling via Drop-In MethodologiesSAURABH JAIN ; LIN LONGYANG ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
12-Feb-2021Rail-to-Rail Dynamic Voltage Comparator Scalable down to pW-Range Power and 0.15-V SupplyORAZIO AIELLO ; Paolo Crovetti; Pedro Toledo; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO 
2015SRAM for error-tolerant applications with dynamic energy-quality management in 28 nm CMOSFrustaci, Fabio; Khayatzadeh, Mahmood; Blaauw, David T.; Sylvester, Deenis M.; Alioto, Massimo Bruno