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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011A polymorphism in the serotonin receptor 5-HT2A gene, stressors, and momentary job satisfaction : an experience sampling studySong, Zhaoli ; Nan Wang; Wendong Li; Richard D. Arvey ; Saw Seang Mei 
2006Action-state orientation and the theory of planned behavior: A study of job search in ChinaSong, Z. ; Wanberg, C.; Niu, X.; Xie, Y.
2008Are facilitated mentoring programs beneficial? A randomized experimental field studyEgan, T.M.; Song, Z. 
2011Associations between dopamine and serotonin genes and job satisfaction: Preliminary evidence from the add health studySong, Z. ; Li, W.; Arvey, R.D. 
21-Nov-2016Cross-level moderating effects of Conscientiousness on within-person relationships of self-efficacy to effort allocationShuhua Sun; Huaizhong Chen; Zhaoli Song 
2012Do leadership role occupancy and transformational leadership share the same genetic and environmental influences?Li, W.-D.; Arvey, R.D. ; Zhang, Z.; Song, Z. 
Sep-2013Dynamics of the job search process: Developing and testing a mediated moderation modelSun, S.; Song, Z. ; Lim, V.K.G. 
2011Emotionality and leadership: Taking stock of the past decade of researchRajah, R.; Song, Z. ; Arvey, R.D. 
Oct-2007Job search and stress : a daily repeated measure studySong, Zhaoli ; Marilyn A. Uy; Shuhua Zhang; Kan Shi
2005Job-search persistence during unemployment: A 10-wave longitudinal studyWanberg, C.R.; Glomb, T.M.; Song, Z. ; Sorenson, S.
Sep-2013Joint effects of prior start-up experience and coping strategies on entrepreneurs' psychological well-beingUy, M.A.; Foo, M.-D. ; Song, Z. 
2008Mood Spillover and Crossover Among Dual-Earner Couples: A Cell Phone Event Sampling StudySong, Z. ; Foo, M.-D.; Uy, M.A.
2010Preliminary exploration of Shanghai Expo social collective behavior in hybrid networkShi, K.; Dai, W.; Song, Z. ; Zhu, J.; Wang, B.; Gu, J.; Xu, S.
2005Psychological and physical well-being during unemployment: A meta-analytic studyMcKee-Ryan, F.M.; Song, Z. ; Wanberg, C.R.; Kinicki, A.J.
1-Aug-2013Support, undermining, and newcomer socialization: Fitting in during the first 90 daysKammeyer-Mueller, J.; Wanberg, C.; Rubenstein, A.; Song, Z. 
Sep-2010The blurred work-family boundary : a study on overtime work and working from homeSong, Zhaoli ; Wu, Pei Chuan ; Tong, Yew Kuan; Wang, Yongli
Oct-2007The impact of relationship self-efficacy and cognitive appraisals on affective responses to social interactionsSong, Zhaoli ; Angeline Lim; Maw-Der Foo; Marilyn Ang Uy
2011The influence of general mental ability, self-esteem and family socioeconomic status on leadership role occupancy and leader advancement: The moderating role of genderLi, W.-D.; Arvey, R.D. ; Song, Z. 
2011Unraveling the Daily Stress Crossover Between Unemployed Individuals and Their Employed SpousesSong, Z. ; Foo, M.-D.; Uy, M.A.; Sun, S.
Oct-2007Unraveling the stress crossover between the unemployed and their spousesSong, Zhaoli ; Maw-Der Foo; Marilyn A. Uy; Shuhua Sun