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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A score test for Box-Cox functional formYang, Z.; Abeysinghe, T. 
Jun-2013A segmented trend model to assess fiscal sustainability: The US experience 1929-2009Abeysinghe, T. ; Jayawickrama, A.
2002An explicit variance formula for the Box-Cox functional form estimatorYang, Z. ; Abeysinghe, T. 
1998Best linear unbiased disaggregation of annual GDP to quarterly figures: The case of MalaysiaAbeysinghe, T. ; Lee, C.
2003China as an economic powerhouse: Implications on its neighborsAbeysinghe, T. ; Lu, D. 
1994Deterministic seasonal models and spurious regressionsAbeysinghe, T. 
2005Does mandatory pension savings crowd out private savings? The experience of Sri LankaKarunarathne, W. ; Abeysinghe, T. 
2000Electronics and growth cycles in SingaporeAbeysinghe, T. 
30-Mar-2016Estimating fundamental and affordable housing price trends: A study based on SingaporeTilak Abeysinghe ; Jiaying Gu 
2001Estimation of direct and indirect impact of oil price on growthAbeysinghe, T. 
1998Exchange rate appreciation and export competitiveness. The case of SingaporeAbeysinghe, T. ; Yeok, T.L. 
1994Forecasting performance of seasonal-dummy models relative to some alternativesAbeysinghe, T. 
1998Forecasting Singapore's quarterly GDP with monthly external tradeAbeysinghe, T. 
Jun-1991Inappropriate use of seasonal dummies in regressionAbeysinghe, T. 
1991Inappropriate use of seasonal dummies in regressionAbeysinghe, T. 
Jul-2011Lifetime income and housing affordability in SingaporeAbeysinghe, T. ; Gu, J.
2000Modeling variables of different frequenciesAbeysinghe, T. 
2004Quarterly real GDP estimates for China and ASEAN4 with a forecast evaluationAbeysinghe, T. ; Rajaguru, G.
2015Shifting drivers of growth: Policy implications for ASEAN-5Tan, Kong Yam ; Abeysinghe, Tilak 
1998Singapore's cost competitiveness in the region: A technical note on RULCAbeysinghe, T. ; Chen, L.H.