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1982Autoimmune hemolytic anemia; its natural history and managementKueh, Y.K.; Suri, R. 
2000Central pontine myelinolysis - A rare manifestation of CNS Sjogren's syndromeYoon, K.H. ; Fong, K.Y. ; Koh, D.R. ; Suri, R. 
1990Chemotherapy of adult acute myeloid leukaemiaSuri, R. ; Kueh, Y.K. ; Han, P. ; Tan, Y.O. 
1988Common variable immunodeficiency--a case report and review.Suri, R. ; Cheah, J.S. 
1990Cytogenetic analysis in myeloid malignancies.Kueh, Y.K. ; Tan, Y.O. ; Suri, R. ; Han, P. 
2000Differential diagnosis of Hb EE and Hb E-β(o)-thalassemia by protein and DNA analysesWong, S.C.; Aw, T.C. ; Suri, R. ; Wong, C.K.; Plaseska, D.; Efremov, G.D.
1988Disseminated histiocytosis X with diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus in an adult female (histiocytosis with DI and DM).Thai, A.C.; Sng, I.; Suri, R. ; Cheah, J.S. 
1989Extensive bone marrow necrosis in cancer.Suri, R. ; Tan, Y.O.
1987Hair cell leukemia - A rare chronic lymphoproliferative disorderTan, C.C. ; Suri, R. 
Apr-1988Monoclonal antibodies and the lymphoid malignancies.Suri, R. 
1988Monoclonal antibodies and the lymphoid malignancies.Suri, R. 
1994Multiple myeloma: the National University Hospital (NUH) experience.Lim, H.L.; Teo, C.P.; Wong, K.; Kuperan, P.; Suri, R. ; Tan, Y.O.; Kueh, Y.K. 
1981New concepts on the acute leukaemias: morphology, classification, cell biology, chemotherapy, supportive care, immunotherapy and bone marrow transplantationKueh, Y.K.; Tan, Y.O.; Suri, R. ; Oon, C.J.
1981One year review of the blood cell separator programmeTan, Y.O.; Kueh, Y.K.; Suri, R. 
1991Prognostic usefulness of cytogenetic analysis for haematological malignancies--two case reports on acute myeloid leukaemia.Kueh, Y.K. ; Tan, Y.O. ; Wang, T.L.; Chan, R.; Suri, R. 
1990The myelodysplastic syndromesSuri, R. ; Sultan, C.