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2003A new algorithm for regularizing one-letter context-free grammarsAndrei, S. ; Cavadini, S.V.; Chin, W.-N. 
2005An integrated performance and power model for superscalar processor designsZhu, Y. ; Wong, W.-F. ; Andrei, S. 
2006Automatic debugging of real-time systems based on incremental satisfiability countingAndrei, Ş. ; Chin, W.N. ; Cheng, A.M.K.; Lupu, M.
2005Calculating polynomial runtime propertiesAnderson, H. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Andrei, S. ; Luca, B.
2006Co-optimization of performance and power in a superscalar processor designZhu, Y.; Wong, W.-F. ; Andrei, Ş. 
Dec-2004Counting for satisfiability by inverting resolutionAndrei, S. 
2006Faster verification of RTL-specified systems via decomposition and constraint extensionAndrei, Ş. ; Cheng, A.M.K.
2007Incremental deterministic planningAndrei, Ş. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Rinard, M.
2006Optimization of real-time systems timing specificationsAndrei, Ş. ; Cheng, A.M.K.
2006Program transformation by solving recurrencesLuca, B.; Andrei, S. ; Anderson, H. ; Khoo, S.-C. 
2005Runtime-coordinated scalable incremental checksum testing of combinational circuitsAndrei, Ş. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Cheng, A.M.K.; Zhu, Y.
2004Self-embedded context-free grammars with regular counterpartsAndrei, S. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Cavadini, S.V.
2004Solving a class of higher-order equations over a group structureAndrei, Ş. ; Chin, W.-N.