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11-Dec-2012Antagonistic Pleiotropy and Fitness Trade-Offs Reveal Specialist and Generalist Traits in Strains of Canine Distemper VirusNikolin, V.M.; Osterrieder, K.; Von Messling, V. ; Hofer, H.; Anderson, D. ; Dubovi, E.; Brunner, E.; East, M.L.
13-Feb-2012Elements in the canine distemper virus M 3′ UTR contribute to control of replication efficiency and virulenceAnderson, D.E. ; Castan, A.; Bisaillon, M.; Von Messling, V. 
2012Genome characterization of Salem virus reveals its evolutionary intermediate status in the subfamily ParamyxovirinaeAnderson, D.E. ; Dubovi, E.J.; Yu, M.; Wang, L.-F.; Renshaw, R.W.
2019Isolation and full-genome characterization of nipah viruses from bats, BangladeshAnderson, D.E ; Islam, A; Crameri, G; Todd, S; Islam, A; Khan, S.U; Foord, A; Rahman, M.Z; Mendenhall, I.H ; Luby, S.P; Gurley, E.S; Daszak, P; Epstein, J.H; Wang, L.-F 
Mar-2014Morbillivirus control of the interferon response: Relevance of STAT2 and mda5 but not STAT1 for canine distemper virus virulence in ferretsSvitek, N.; Gerhauser, I. ; Goncalves, C.; Grabski, E.; Döring, M.; Kalinke, U.; Anderson, D.E. ; Cattaneo, R.; Von Messling, V. 
19-Dec-2019Serological evidence and experimental infection of cynomolgus macaques with pteropine orthoreovirus reveal monkeys as potential hosts for transmission to humansChee Wah Tan ; Kevin Wittwer; Xiao Fang Lim ; Anna Uehara; Shailendra Mani ; Lin-Fa Wang ; Danielle Anderson 
19-Dec-2019Serological evidence of MERS-CoV and HKU8-related CoV co-infection in Kenyan camelsWei Zhang; Xiaoshuang Zheng; Bernard Agwanda; Sheila Ommeh; Kai Zhao; Jacqueline Lichoti; Ning Wang; Jing Chen; Bei Li; Xinglou Yang; Shailendra Mani ; Kisa-Juma Ngeiywa; Yan Zhu; Ben Hu; Samson Omondi Onyuok; Bing Yan; Danielle Anderson ; Lin-Fa Wang ; Peng Zhou; Zhengli Shi
2018Zika virus infection elicits auto-antibodies to C1qKoma, T; Veljkovic, V; Anderson, D.E ; Wang, L.-F ; Rossi, S.L; Shan, C; Shi, P.-Y ; Beasley, D.W; Bukreyeva, N; Smith, J.N; Hallam, S; Huang, C; Von Messling, V ; Paessler, S