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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988A two-dimensional heat transfer analysis of the thermal-trap collectorWijeysundera, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. 
Jan-1998Accounting for rain effects in building energy estimationJayamaha, S.E.G. ; Chou, S.K. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Nov-2002An experimental and numerical study of hunting in thermostatic-expansion-valve-controlled evaporatorsMithraratne, P.; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Sep-2001An experimental and numerical study of the dynamic behaviour of a counter-flow evaporatorMithraratne, P.; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Jan-2000An irreversible-thermodynamic model for solar-powered absorption cooling systemsWijeysundera, N.E. 
Feb-1995Analysis of the ideal absorption cycle with external heat-transfer irreversibilitiesWijeysundera, N.E. 
Sep-1998Capillary-constant correlations for some new refrigerantsSrinivasan, K. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Sep-1991Comparison of beta-ray and gamma-ray transmission methods for measurement of frost density distributionBong, T.Y. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. ; Saw, E.L. ; Lau, K.O.
2010Deformation and osmotic swelling of an elastic membrane capsule in Stokes flows by the immersed interface methodJayathilake, P.G. ; Tan, Z. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Apr-1995Determining the heat flow through building walls under simulated actual weather patternsChou, S.K. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. ; Jayamaha, S.E.G. 
1996Drying of porous materials in the presence of solar radiationJayamaha, S.E.G. ; Chou, S.K. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Apr-1996Effect of initial moisture distribution on the transient heat flow through wet porous insulationsWijeysundera, N.E. 
Apr-1996Effect of initial moisture distribution on the transient heat flow through wet porous insulationsWijeysundera, N.E. 
1991Effect of plastic cover thickness on top loss coefficient of flat-plate collectorsWijeysundera, N.E. ; Iqbal, M.
Sep-1997Effect of rain on the heat gain through building walls in tropical climatesJayamaha, S.E.G. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. ; Chou, S.K. 
Oct-1992Effects of condensation and liquid transport on the thermal performance of fibrous insulationsWijeysundera, N.E. ; Hawlader, M.N.A. 
Sep-1986Energy analysis applied to food processingHo, J.C. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. ; Chou, S.K. 
Feb-1996Estimation of collector performance parameters from daily system testsWijeysundera, N.E. ; Hawlader, M.N.A. ; Foong, K.Y. 
Mar-2003Evaluation of heat and mass transfer coefficients for falling-films on tubular absorbersIslam, Md.R. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. ; Ho, J.C.