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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A compressed domain distortion measure for fast video transcodingHuang, Y.; Tran, A.V. ; Wang, Y. 
2012A daily, activity-aware, mobile music recommender systemWang, X.; Rosenblum, D.; Wang, Y. 
2012A domain-specific music search engine for gait trainingLi, Z.; Wang, Y. 
2004A framework for robust and scalable audio streamingWang, Y. ; Huang, W.; Korhonen, J. 
2009A joint encoder-decoder framework for supporting energy efficient audio decodingHuang, W.; Wang, Y. 
2005A method for separating drum objects from polyphonic musical signalsHuang, W.; Wang, Y. 
2010A music search engine for therapeutic gait trainingLi, Z.; Xiang, Q. ; Hockman, J.; Yang, J.; Yi, Y.; Fujinaga, I.; Wang, Y. 
2005A perception-aware low-power software audio decoder for portable devicesChakraborty, S. ; Wang, Y. ; Huang, W.
2012A real-time on-chip algorithm for IMU-based gait measurementZhu, S.; Anderson, H. ; Wang, Y. 
2018A technical framework for automatic perceptual evaluation of singing qualityGupta C. ; Li H. ; Wang Y. 
2011A tempo-sensitive music search engine with multimodal inputsYi, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, Y. 
2015A validated smartphone-based assessment of gait and gait variability in Parkinson's diseaseEllis R.J. ; Ng Y.S.; Zhu S. ; Tan D.M.; Anderson B. ; Schlaug G.; Wang Y. 
2006A violin music transcriber for personalized learningBoo, W.J.J.; Wang, Y. ; Loscos, A.
2007A workload prediction model for decoding mpeg video and its application to workload-scalable transcodingHuang, Y.; Tran, A.V. ; Wang, Y. 
2009An optimal speed control scheme supported by media servers for low-power multimedia applicationsHuang, W.; Wang, Y. 
2003Application of a content-based percussive sound synthesizer to packet loss recovery in music streamingWyse, L.; Wang, Y. ; Zhu, X.
2008Application-specific music transcription for tutoringWang, Y. ; Zhang, B.
2010Automated sleep quality measurement using EEG signal - First step towards a domain specific music recommendation systemZhao, W.; Wang, X.; Wang, Y. 
2004Automatic music summarization in compressed domainShao, X.; Xu, C.; Wang, Y. ; Kankanhalli, M.S.