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14-May-20153D hierarchical SnO2@Ni(OH)2 core–shell nanowire arrays on carbon cloth for energy storage applicationKe, Qingqing ; Guan, Cao ; Zheng, Minrui ; Hu, Yating; Ho, Kuan-hung; Wang, John 
20153D hierarchical SnO<inf>2</inf>@Ni(OH)<inf>2</inf> core-shell nanowire arrays on carbon cloth for energy storage applicationKe Qing Qing ; Guan Cao ; Zheng Ming Rui; Hu Yating; Ho Kung Hung; Wang John 
20153D nanostructure of carbon nanotubes decorated Co3O4 nanowire arrays for high performance supercapacitor electrodeKe, Qingqing ; Tang, Chunhua ; Yang, Zheng-Chun; Zheng, Minrui ; Mao, Lu ; Liu, Huajun; Wang, John 
2015Activation of sucrose-derived carbon spheres for high-performance supercapacitor electrodesMao, Lu ; Zhang, Yu ; Hu, Yating; Ho, Kuanhung; Ke, Qingqing ; Liu, Huajun; Hu, Zhigang; Zhao, Dan ; Wang, John 
2014Doping cobalt hydroxide nanowires for better supercapacitor performanceLiu, Huajun ; Ho, Kuanhung; Hu, Yating; Ke, Qingqing ; Mao, Lu ; Zhang, Yu ; Wang, John 
2015Energetics, charge transfer, and magnetism of small molecules physisorbed on phosphoreneCai Yongqing; Ke Qingqing ; Zhang Gang; Zhang Yong Wei 
2014Microstructural evolution of charged defects in the fatigue process of polycrystalline BiFeO3 thin filmsKe, Qingqing ; Kumar, Amit; Lou, Xiaojie; Feng, Yuan Ping ; Zeng, Kaiyang ; Cai, Yongqing ; Wang, John