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2013A graph-based approach to commonsense concept extraction and semantic similarity detectionRajagopal, D.; Cambria, E. ; Olsher, D.; Kwok, K. 
15-Mar-2012A spatio-temporal filtering approach to denoising of single-trial ERP in rapid image triageYu, K.; Shen, K. ; Shao, S. ; Ng, W.C. ; Kwok, K. ; Li, X. 
2013A tensorial approach to access cognitive workload related to mental arithmetic from EEG functional connectivity estimatesDimitriadis, S.I.; Sun, Y.; Kwok, K. ; Laskaris, N.A.; Bezerianos, A.
2015Cognitive Workload Assessment Based on the Tensorial Treatment of EEG Estimates of Cross-Frequency Phase InteractionsDimitriadis, Stavros I.; Sun, Yu ; Kwok, Fook Kay Kenneth ; Laskaris, Nikolaos A.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Bezerianos, Anastasios 
2013Commonsense-based topic modelingRajagopal, D.; Olsher, D.; Cambria, E. ; Kwok, K. 
16-Mar-2012Dopaminergic polymorphisms associated with time-on-task declines and fatigue in the psychomotor vigilance testLim, J.; Ebstein, R.; Tse, C.-Y.; Monakhov, M.; Lai, P.S.; Dinges, D.F.; Kwok, K. 
1-Aug-2013EEG alpha activity is associated with individual differences in post-break improvementLim, J.; Quevenco, F.-C.; Kwok, K. 
2011EEG-based measure of cognitive workload during a mental arithmetic taskRebsamen, B. ; Kwok, K. ; Penney, T.B.
2011Evaluation of cognitive workload from EEG during a mental arithmetic taskRebsamen, B. ; Kwok, K. ; Penney, T.B.
Mar-2014Functional cortical connectivity analysis of mental fatigue unmasks hemispheric asymmetry and changes in small-world networksSun, Y.; Lim, J.; Kwok, K. ; Bezerianos, A.
2014Moral judgment modulation by disgust is bi-directionally moderated by individual sensitivityOng, H.H.; Mullette-Gillman, O.A.; Kwok, K. ; Lim, J.
2011PrefaceCambria, E. ; Song, Y.; Havasi, C.; Hussain, A.; Balahur, A.; Baldassarri, S.; Cerezo, E.; Chandra, P.; Decherchi, S.; Del Hoyo, R.; Durrani, T.; Grassi, M.; Hupont, I.; Kwok, K. ; Liu, S.; Lu, J.; Mohammad, S.; Niazi, M.; Rosso, P.; Schuller, B.; Squartini, S.; Troyano, J.; Xia, R.; Zhang, L.; Zong, C.
2009Scenario generation using double scope blendingTan, K.-M.T. ; Kwok, K. 
2012Sentic activation: A two-level affective common sense reasoning frameworkCambria, E. ; Olsher, D.; Kwok, K. 
2011Towards robust agent behaviors in modeling and simulation: Situation filling in with commonsense knowledgeLeong, H.W.; Kwok, K.