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2011Asymmetric information, adverse selection, and the pricing of CMBSAn, X.; Deng, Y. ; Gabriel, S.A.
Apr-2014Breakeven Determination of Loan Limits for Reverse Mortgages under Information AsymmetryPu, M.; Fan, G.-Z.; Deng, Y. 
2011CDO market implosion and the pricing of subprime mortgage-backed securitiesDeng, Y. ; Gabriel, S.A.; Sanders, A.B.
2013Commercial Mortgage Workout Strategy and Conditional Default Probability: Evidence from Special Serviced CMBS LoansChen, J.; Deng, Y. 
Feb-2013Design Catalogs: A Practical Real Options Valuation Tool for Real Estate Design and Development PlanningCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; de Neufville, Richard; Geltner, David; Deng, Yongheng 
2012Economic returns to energy-efficient investments in the housing market: Evidence from SingaporeDeng, Y. ; Li, Z.; Quigley, J.M.
2012Evaluating conditions in major Chinese housing marketsWu, J.; Gyourko, J.; Deng, Y. 
2014House Price Index Construction in the Nascent Housing Market: The Case of ChinaWu, J. ; Deng, Y. ; Liu, H.
2010Is the mean return of hotel real estate stocks apt to overreact to past performance?Zhang, M.; Deng, Y. 
Nov-2013Local Traits and Securitized Commercial Mortgage DefaultAn, X.; Deng, Y. ; Nichols, J.B.; Sanders, A.B.
2012Model Stability and the Subprime Mortgage CrisisAn, X.; Deng, Y. ; Rosenblatt, E.; Yao, V.W.
2012Mortgage market, character and trends. ChinaDeng, Y. ; Fei, P.
2012Optimal Pricing Strategy in the Case of Price Dispersion: New Evidence from the Tokyo Housing MarketDeng, Y. ; Gabriel, S.A.; Nishimura, K.G.; Zheng, D.
2012Private residential price indices in Singapore: A matching approachDeng, Y. ; McMillen, D.P.; Sing, T.F. 
2009Property appraisal in high-rises: A cooperative game theory approachBen-Shahar, D.; Deng, Y. ; Sulganik, E.
2015Real estate collateral value and investment: The case of ChinaWu Jing; Gyourko Joseph; Deng Yongheng 
2012The nascent market for "green" real estate in BeijingZheng, S.; Wu, J.; Kahn, M.E.; Deng, Y.