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2006Bioclimatic skyscraper - Learning from BawaKiang, T.B. ; Robson, D. 
2012Evaluating environmental implications of density: A comparative case study on the relationship between density, urban block typology and sky exposureZhang, J. ; Heng, C.K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. ; Hii, D.J.C. ; Janssen, P. ; Leung, K.S.; Tan, B.K. 
2011GREEN SCHOOL: Environmental performance and perception: A post occupancy evaluation of two Singapore schoolsSaadon, N.; Tan, B.-K. 
2007Integrating advanced shader technology for realistic architectural virtual reality visualisation :The impact of advanced shaders on real-time rendering performanceKiang, T.B. ; Hii Jun Chung, D. 
2009Interactive space: Searching for a dual physical - Virtual worldRahaman, H.; Tan, B.-K. 
2011Interpreting digital heritage: A conceptual model with end-users' perspectiveRahaman, H.; Tan, B.-K. 
2010Interpreting digital heritage: Considering the end user's perspectiveRahaman, H.; Tan, B.-K. 
2011Mirored mesage wall: Bridging the real and virtual comunityTan, B.-K. ; Yeom, J.-H.
2010Mirrored message wall: Sharing between real and virtual spaceYeom, J.-H.; Tan, B.-K. 
2007Naturally ventilated tall office building in the tropics - Learning from BawaTan, B.K. ; Cr, U.M. ; Hong, S.
2007Optimising REAL-time virtual reality architecture presentationKiang, T.B. ; Chung, D.H.J. 
2010Place and placelessness in 3D online virtual worldTan, B.-K. ; Yee, S.L.T.
14-Dec-2018Rebuilding Ah Ma Drink Stall on Ubin: A design and build project to revitalise a communityTan Beng Kiang ; Lam, Ching Yan; Chung, Ethan; Tu, Tungyun
2008The acceptable visual quality of stereoscopic virtual reality architectural visualisationTan, B.-K. ; Hii, D.J.C. 
2011Understanding and constructing shared spaces for supporting informal interaction at a distanceNguyen, T.L.T.; Tan, B.-K. 
2009Virtual heritage: Reality and criticismTan, B.-K. ; Rahaman, H.