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2012A P-loop mutation in G? subunits prevents transition to the active state: Implications for G-protein signaling in fungal pathogenesisBosch D.E.; Willard F.S.; Ramanujam R.; Kimple A.J.; Willard M.D.; Naqvi N.I. ; Siderovski D.P.
15-Jul-2019Cellular Dynamics and Genomic Identity of Centromeres in the Cereal Blast FungusVikas Yadav; Fan Yang ; Hashim Reza; Sanzhen Liu; Barbara Valent; Kaustuv Sandal; Naweed I. Naqvi 
2015Comparative genomics identifies the Magnaporthe oryzae avirulence effector AvrPi9 that triggers Pi9-mediated blast resistance in riceWu J.; Kou Y.; Bao J.; Li Y.; Tang M.; Zhu X.; Ponaya A.; Xiao G.; Li J.; Li C.; Song M.-Y.; Cumagun C.J.R.; Deng Q.; Lu G.; Jeon J.-S.; Naqvi N.I. ; Zhou B.
2017Cpk 2, a catalytic subunit of cyclic AMP-PKA, regulates growth and pathogenesis in rice blastSelvaraj P.; Shen Q.; Yang F. ; Naqvi N.I. 
15-Feb-2020Crosskingdom growth benefits of fungus-derived phytohormones in Choy SumKeyu Gu; Shruti Pavagadhi ; Cheng-Yen Chen; Yeap Y ; Sanjay Swarup ; Naweed I. Naqvi 
15-Nov-2019Detection of Fungal Jasmonates by Liquid Chromatography Paired with Mass SpectrometryYingyao Liu; Rajesh N. Patkar; Naweed I. Naqvi 
15-Feb-2018Fungal effectors at the crossroads of phytohormone signalingQing Shen; Yingyao Liu; Naweed I. Naqvi 
2017Fungal manipulation of hormone-regulated plant defensePatkar R.N.; Naqvi N.I. 
15-Jan-2020iTRAQ proteomics reveals a ferroptosis-like cell death in plants infected by a highly virulent tobacco mosaic virus mutant 24A+UPDMercy W. Macharia; Prem P. Das ; Naweed I. Naqvi ; Sek-Man Wong 
2013The Late Endosomal HOPS Complex Anchors Active G-Protein Signaling Essential for Pathogenesis in Magnaporthe oryzaeRamanujam R.; Calvert M.E.; Selvaraj P.; Naqvi N.I. 
15-Jul-2019Metabolic basis of pathogenesis and host adaptation in Rice BlastYizhen Deng; Naweed I. Naqvi 
2016A New Membrane Protein Sbg1 Links the Contractile Ring Apparatus and Septum Synthesis Machinery in Fission YeastSethi K. ; Palani S.; Cortés J.C.G.; Sato M.; Sevugan M.; Ramos M.; Vijaykumar S.; Osumi M.; Naqvi N.I. ; Ribas J.C.; Balasubramanian M.
2010PdeH, a high-affinity camp phosphodiesterase, is a key regulator of asexual and pathogenic differentiation in magnaporthe oryzaeRamanujam R.; Naqvi N.I. 
2015Retromer Is Essential for Autophagy-Dependent Plant Infection by the Rice Blast FungusZheng W.; Zhou J.; He Y.; Xie Q.; Chen A.; Zheng H.; Shi L.; Zhao X.; Zhang C.; Huang Q.; Fang K.; Lu G.; Ebbole D.J.; Li G.; Naqvi N.I. ; Wang Z.
Jul-2012Sorting nexin Snx41 is essential for conidiation and mediates glutathione-based antioxidant defense during invasive growth in Magnaporthe oryzaeDeng, Y.Z.; Qu, Z.; He, Y.; Naqvi, N.I. 
2012Structure-function analysis of Rgs1 in magnaporthe oryzae: Role of dep domains in subcellular targetingRamanujam R.; Yishi X.; Liu H.; Naqvi N.I. 
2013The role of Snx41-based pexophagy in magnaporthe developmentDeng Y.; Qu Z.; Naqvi N.I. 
2006Trans-kingdom transposition of the maize Dissociation elementEmelyanov, A.; Gao, Y.; Naqvi, N.I. ; Parinov, S.
2015Twilight, a Novel Circadian-Regulated Gene, Integrates Phototropism with Nutrient and Redox Homeostasis during Fungal DevelopmentDeng Y.Z.; Qu Z.; Naqvi N.I.