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Feb-2003A two-dimensional impulse noise model and error probability of QAM in DSLTan, S.Y. ; Chew, Y.H.; Tjhung, T.T.; Wu, M.W. 
2012ARQ with channel gain monitoringWu, M.-W. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
2011ARQ with packet-error-outage-probability QoS measureWu, M. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
2013Explicit, closed-form performance analysis in fading via new bound on Gaussian Q-functionFu, H. ; Wu, M.-W. ; Kam, P.-Y.
2010Instantaneous symbol error outage probability over fading channels with imperfect channel state informationWu, M. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2013Lower bound on averages of the product of L Gaussian Q-functions over Nakagami-m FadingFu, H. ; Wu, M.-W. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
2008Multiwall carbon nanotube resonator for ultra-sensitive mass detectionWu, W. ; Palaniapan, M. ; Wong, W.-K. 
2011New exponential lower bounds on the Gaussian Q-function via Jensen's inequalityWu, M. ; Lin, X.; Kam, P.-Y. 
Jun-2010Performance analysis and computational complexity comparison of sequence detection receivers with no explicit channel estimationWu, M. ; Kam, P.Y. 
2009Sequence detection on fading channels without explicit channel estimationMingwei, W. ; Pooi, Y.K. 
2001SER performance estimation of coherently demodulated QQAM over Rayleigh fading channelChew, Y.H. ; Wu, M.W. ; Tjhung, T.T. ; Tay, S.L.H.
2013Soft-decision-aided, maximum-likelihood carrier phase estimation for coherent optical qamWu, M.-W. ; Kam, P.-Y.