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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A combined approach to checking Web ontologiesDong, J.S. ; Lee, C.H.; Lee, H.B.; Li, Y.F. ; Wang, H.
2005A tools environment for developing and reasoning about ontologiesDong, J.S. ; FENG YUZHANG ; Li, Y.F. ; Sun, J. 
2006A Z Approach in Validating ORA-SS Data ModelsLee, S.U.-J.; Sun, J.; Dobbie, G.; Li, Y.F. 
2008An integrated formal approach to semantic work environments designWang, H.H.; Dong, J.S.; Sun, J.; Payne, T.R.; Gibbins, N.; Li, Y.F. ; Pan, J.
2007Belief-augmented OWL (BOWL) engineering the semantic web with beliefsFeng, Y.; Tan, C.K.-Y. ; Li, Y.F. ; Wadhwa, B. ; Wang, H.
2008Correctness criteria for normalization of semistructured dataLee, S.U.-J.; Sun, J.; Dobbie, G.; Groves, L.; Li, Y.F. 
2007Extended abstract: Towards verifying semistructured dataDobbie, G.; Sun, J.; Li, Y.F. ; Lee, S.U.-J.
2005Formal semantics and verification for feature modelingSun, J.; Zhang, H.; Li, Y.F. ; Wang, H.
2005Institution morphisms for relating OWL and ZLucanu, D.; Li, Y.F. ; Dong, J.S. 
2006Reasoning about ORA-SS data models using the semantic webLi, Y.F. ; Sun, J.; Dobbie, G.; Wang, H.H.; Sun, J. 
2006Semantic web languages - Towards an institutional perspectiveLucanu, D.; Li, Y.F. ; Dong, J.S. 
2005Soundness proof of Z semantics of OWL using institutionsLucanu, D.; Li, Y.F. ; Dong, J.S. 
2005TCOZ approach to OWL-s process model designWang, H.; Sun, J.; Dong, J.S. ; Li, Y.F. 
2004TCOZ approach to semantic web services designDong, J.S. ; Li, Y.F. ; Wang, H.
2006Validating semistructured data using OWLLi, Y.F. ; Sun, J.; Dobbie, G.; Sun, J. ; Wang, H.H.
2005Verify feature models using protégé-OWLWang, H.; Li, Y.F. ; Sun, J.; Zhang, H.
2004Verifying DAML+OIL and beyond in Z/EVESDong, J.S. ; Lee, C.H.; Li, Y.F. ; Wang, H.
2007Verifying feature models using OWLWang, H.H.; Li, Y.F. ; Sun, J.; Zhang, H.; Pan, J.
2005Verifying OWL and ORL ontologies in PVSDong, J.S. ; Feng, Y.; Li, Y.F. 
2005Visualizing and simulating semantic web services ontologiesSun, J. ; Li, Y.F. ; Wang, H.; Sun, J.