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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-20133D dental biometrics: Alignment and matching of dental casts for human identificationZhong, X.; Yu, D.; Wong, Y.S. ; Sim, T. ; Lu, W.F. ; Chiong Foong, K.W.; Cheng, H.-L. 
2011A study on recognizing non-artistic face sketchesNejati, H.; Sim, T. 
2013A talking profile to distinguish identical twinsZhang, L.; Nejati, H.; Foo, L.; Ma, K.T.; Guo, D.; Sim, T. 
2011Accumulated motion images for facial expression recognition in videosSrivastava, R.; Roy, S.; Yan, S. ; Sim, T. 
2004Adaptation-based individualized face modeling for animation using displacement mapZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. 
2005Ambient image recovery and rendering from flash photographsMiao, X.; Sim, T. 
2009An usability study of continuous biometrics authenticationKwang, G.; Yap, R.H.C. ; Sim, T. ; Ramnath, R. 
2006Anatomy-based face reconstruction for animation using multi-layer deformationZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Tan, C.L. ; Sung, E.
2005Anatomy-based human face reconstruction using multi-layer deformationZhang, Y. ; Sim, T. ; Sung, E.
2007Are digraphs good for free-text keystroke dynamics?Sim, T. ; Janakiraman, R. 
2004Automatic red-eye detection and removalMiao, X.-P.; Sim, T. 
2013Background recovery by fixed-rank robust principal component analysisLeow, W.K. ; Cheng, Y.; Zhang, L.; Sim, T. ; Foo, L.
2009Color me right-seamless image compositingGuo, D.; Sim, T. 
2009Combining facial appearance and dynamics for face recognitionYe, N.; Sim, T. 
2006Continuous verification using multimodal biometricsZhang, S.; Janakiraman, R. ; Sim, T. ; Kumar, S. 
2007Continuous verification using multimodal biometricsSim, T. ; Zhang, S.; Janakiraman, R. ; Kumar, S.
2010Correcting over-exposure in photographsGuo, D.; Cheng, Y.; Zhuo, S. ; Sim, T. 
2011Defocus map estimation from a single imageZhuo, S. ; Sim, T. 
2009Digital face makeup by exampleGuo, D.; Sim, T. 
2007Discriminant subspace analysis: A Fukunaga-Koontz approachZhang, S.; Sim, T.