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Title: Nitrato displacement in [Ag2(NO3)2(μ-dppf)2]. Molecular structure of a homoleptic dppf complex, [Ag2(μ-dppf)(dppf)2] (PF6)2 (dppf = 1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene)
Authors: Neo, S.-P.
Hor, T.S.A. 
Zhou, Z.-Y.
Mak, T.C.W.
Keywords: Ferrocene
Issue Date: 11-Jan-1994
Source: Neo, S.-P.,Hor, T.S.A.,Zhou, Z.-Y.,Mak, T.C.W. (1994-01-11). Nitrato displacement in [Ag2(NO3)2(μ-dppf)2]. Molecular structure of a homoleptic dppf complex, [Ag2(μ-dppf)(dppf)2] (PF6)2 (dppf = 1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene). Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 464 (1) : 113-119. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Addition of 1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene (dppf) to AgNO3 or [Ag2(NO3)2(μ-dppf)2] at room temperature gives rise to a homoleptic dppf complex [Ag2(μ-dppf)(dppf)2]2+ 1. Single-crystal X-ray diffractometric analysis of its PF6 - salt revealed a dinuclear structure with dppf singly and symmetrically bridging two trigonal planar AgI centres each of which contains a chelating dppf. The chelate angle [105.6(2)°] is significantly more acute than the PAgP angles subtended between the chelate and the bridging ligands [127.2(2)°]. Complex 1 reacts further with dppf to yield a bis(chelate) complex [Ag(dppf)2](PF6). Metathetic reactions of [Ag2(NO3)2(μ-dppf)2] with Na+ or K+ salts of X- (X Cl, OCN, SCN, Et2NCS2) at room temperature readily give good yields of, respectively, [Ag(μ-Cl)(μ-dppf)]4, [Ag2(μ-NCO,N)2(μ-dppf)2], [Ag2(μ-SCN- S,N)2(dppf)2], and [Ag2(S2CNEt2)2(μ-dppf)2]. © 1994.
Source Title: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
ISSN: 0022328X
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