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Title: Analysis of the cutting process of a cylindrical workpiece clamped by a four-jaw chuck
Authors: Rahman, M. 
Issue Date: Apr-1989
Citation: Rahman, M. (1989-04). Analysis of the cutting process of a cylindrical workpiece clamped by a four-jaw chuck. Journal of Mechanical Working Technology 19 (1) : 73-84. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: A stability analysis of the cutting process of a solid cylindrical rotating workpiece clamped by a four-jaw chuck with balanced pressure at the jaws has been carried out. The net reaction balancing the cutting force is found to consist of an infinite number of force components oscillating at frequencies 4ω, 8ω, 12ω, ..., etc., where ω is the angular speed of rotation of the workpiece, and a stationary force term 2F0 where F0 is the static balancing force impressed along each jaw-line. The stationary force term tends to give a uniform depth of cut. However the harmonic force terms tend to spoil the uniformity in the depth of cut. It is predicted that under the resonant condition of the fourth-harmonic force, the minimum depth of cut will occur at the mid positions between two jaws and the maximum at the jaw-positions. Chatter vibration of the system will be observed at angular spindle speeds approaching ω0/4, ω0/8, ω0/12, ..., etc., where ω0 is the angular natural frequency of the system. A stability chart has been drawn to suggest the safe operating regions. © 1989.
Source Title: Journal of Mechanical Working Technology
ISSN: 03783804
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